Wednesday, May 25, 2011

maybe the people behind Bloomingdale Backyard BBQ might like to chime in and promote their business ...?

Hello, Entrepreneurs Behind Bloomingdale Backyard BBQ!

We'd love to have you introduce yourselves and your business.

And let us know the next time residents can sample your BBQ someplace around town.



Bloomingdale Backyard said...
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Bloomingdale Backyard said...

People of Bloomingdale and the DMV,

We make a unique brand of Texas BBQ for much cheaper prices than places like Hill Country, Ice Company, and Rocklands. Catch us at the next Grey DC market. Until then, look us up on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @BloomingdaleBBQ.

Bloomingdale Backyard BBQ Management

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

Thanks for plugging in! I will try to catch you at the next GreyDC market.