Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fab Lab DC

I wanted to share some information about Fab Lab DC.

Fab Lab DC
Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will
design and build the most extraordinary things.
That’s the idea behind Fab Labs, which originated
at MIT by Professor Neil Gershenfeld, who teaches,
How To Make (almost) Anything.
Fab Labs provide access to prototype tools for personal
fabrication, like a personal computer that can output
functional objects instead of images on a screen.
The labs have spread from inner-city Boston to Africa
and Norway, with projects tackling applications in
areas including healthcare, agriculture, housing,
and communications.
FAB LAB is coming soon to DC

You can find more information about Fab Lab DC HERE
I took a tour of their Mobile Fab Lab and got to hear a bit about it and their plans and see some of their equipment.

I was told that their DC location would be on North Capitol, between Florida and New York.


  1. Thanks, Sean! Fab Lab DC, in conjunction with local artists/makers and commercial property/business owners, will be using digital fabrication to create a series of artfully conceived and specially designed installations to be strategically placed on store-front facades and other areas of North Capitol Street to stir a sense of welcome, playfulness, and place. The initial target area is the 1400 block of North Capitol Street, NW. Plans also include a mini-festival & 'pop-ups.' For more info, please email:

  2. the location will be 1418 North Capitol.