Friday, June 10, 2011

shout out for Brick by Brick Masonry and Stone Restoration

From a 2nd Street NW resident:

Brick by Brick Masonry and Stone Restoration, LLC. did some repair work to my retaining wall. They did excellent work and the company is very reliable. The web site is 202-506-2729 - a D. C. firm.

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  1. We just had Brick by Brick do some repair work for our front steps @ 6 Rhode Island Ave NW. This harsh winter exposed some corner cutting techniques the building contractor did when the place was renovated three years ago. Brick by Brick came in, relaid the stones and did a beautiful job. They also were great at maintaining access for the residents to get in and out while work was ongoing. They kept everything neat and tidy and really went above and beyond. Contact information is the same as above ( and if you call the office (202.506.2729) Candyce is very professional and helpful. Highly recommend!