Saturday, January 16, 2016

a member of one of the two development teams vying for DMPED's 1520-1522 North Capitol St NW project was chair of the now-shut down FreshPAC and is now lobbying the DC government on the Exelon/Pepco merger

Have you perhaps seen the two presentations by the two different project teams to develop DMPED’s 1520-1522 North Capitol Street NW lot?   

The development project presentations were made on Monday, 11-02-2015, at the Bates Area Civic Association meeting – and at the Bradley Thomas ANC 5E04, 5E05 & 5E06 joint SMD meeting held on Wednesday, 12-09-2015.

One of the two teams is BlueSky Housing (  One of the presenters from BlueSky Housing was Earl Chico Horton.  

Okay, now see this WAMU report, which mentions Mr. Horton:

This is from the WAMU article:

Council member Mary Cheh, an outspoken critic of the merger, says she's stunned to learn Exelon hired the head of FreshPAC to lobby the District government. 

"It feels sleazy and it erodes confidence in sense of good government," says Cheh.

I have no skin in this game.

Just sharing info with the community.

01-19-2016 update passed along by a neighbor:

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  1. The info is appreciated! And most curious. I really do prefer the Flywheel / Upwall design, as Bluesky never really provided a clear visual of what they would produce, just the specs of it. While Flywheel had clear renderings of a very attractive and green design, provided well tailored affordable housing and community serving retail. Fingers crossed that the best design wins.