Friday, January 15, 2016

Urban Turf: "DC Zoning Changes Approved, Will Go Into Effect in September"

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January 14, 2016

On Thursday night, the Zoning Commission unanimously approved the city’s long-debated zoning changes. The changes will go into effect on September 6 of this year. Below is a look at select changes to the code that are probably of most interest to the UrbanTurf readership. For a more comprehensive rundown of all the changes, click here.

Accessory Apartments

Under the new code, accessory apartments will be legalized in many low-density sections of the city where they are currently not allowed. ...

Elimination of Parking Minimum Requirements

Currently, developers constructing new residential buildings in DC must build a certain number of parking spaces. ...

•Corner Stores

In the new code, corner stores will be encouraged in areas zoned R-3 and R-4. ...

Oh, see the subsequent tweet:

Last night's Twilight Zoning episode, unaccountable bureaucrats gamble with DC's future
10:12 PM - 15 Jan 2016

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