Thursday, January 21, 2016

more package theft reported - in LeDroit Park

See this message exchange from the LeDroit Park list at Yahoogroups:

Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 9:46 PM
Subject: Re: [LeDroitPark] More packages stolen
Thanks, Anita. Appreciate your help. Clearly a problem in our neighborhood. Best,


On Jan 20, 2016, at 8:33 PM, Anita Norman <> wrote:

Hi Jack,

I also addressed the issue of packages continuing to be stolen in the neighborhood with Lt. Jova in an email that I just sent to him. I also saw a package in the alley a day or two ago that appeared to have been stolen from a resident. I can not stress enough to have your packages delivered to your place of employment, a trusted neighbor's or to LeDroit Market (He will charge a $1.00 service fee).  I will continue to work with MPD to decrease these types of crime in our community. If you see a suspect, please call the police with a description, or take a picture as evidence. I encourage everyone to come to the next Civic Association meeting to voice your concerns to Council Woman Brianne Nadeau.

LPCA Public Safety Chair

On Jan 20, 2016 8:03 PM, "Jack"& lt;> wrote:                                                         

Tonight, yet another package was stolen from my front porch near 4th and Elm.  I guess the thieves took advantage of the new-fallen snow.  Another FYI to neighbors to have packages delivered elsewhere -- and that, under the mayor's MPD, property crimes still flourish with seemingly little concern.


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