Tuesday, December 13, 2016

man peering into house on 100 block of Adams St NW today

See this 12-13-2016 message from a household on the 100 block of Adams Street NW:

Today an African/ American male, probably on his early 20's wearing a red ball cap and dark green jacket with fur collar and black jeans was on our back deck peering into our house in the 100 block of Adams St NW while we were home.  When he realized we were home, he took off and then attempted to break into a house under construction down the alley from us. 

Police were called and we gave them a full report/description, but the individual had already fled the area. Although we have purchased security cameras, we have not installed them yet. 

Please keep a watchful presence and look out for each other.  This is our neighborhood, please don't turn away if you see something unusual but it's not your house/family, because the next time it very well may be your turn. 

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