Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"A white nationalist with guns to his name was living in the historically black neighborhood of Bloomingdale D.C."

See this tweet:

Here is the Huffington Post article on this story:

Here is an NBC article on this story:


mona said...

2 blocks from my home and had his neo-Nazi buddies over for the white nationalist rally. I thought DC was diverse and a safe place? At least his family turned him in. But did his dad turn him in is my question cause he is still in the neighborhood. How did he allow a Neo-Nazi to stay in his home or let him invite his neo-Nazi buddies come over for the rally

Andrei said...

This is really sad to see this. I guess Mount Pleasant did in fact bring me up in a multicultural neighborhood at the time and today you see this going on at a very judgmental time today. You could be light complexion arab and still be labeled as a neo what ever. Don't process hate breeders please let go and turn it over to god and display love and grace.