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HPRB actions: 1634 North Capitol Street NW

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Subject: [HistoricWashington] HPRB ACTIONS - November 15 and November 29, 2018

This document and others related to the November 15, November 29 HPRB meeting are posted on the HPO website at: .

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November 15 and 29, 2018 

Present: Marnique Heath, Chair; Andrew Aurbach, Thomas Brokaw, Brian Crane, Linda Greene, Sandra Jowers-Barber, Gretchen Pfaehler.  Absent:  Outerbridge Horsey, Chris Landis. 

2507 I Street NW, HPA 19-040, concept/three-story rear addition.             [deferred at request of the ANC]
Wardman Park Annex (amendment), 2600/2660 Woodley Road NW, Case 17-10.
The Board approved an amendment to the 1979 landmark nomination to include the lobby interior and entrance piers.  The Board also adopted design guidelines for the lobby.  Vote: 6-0.

2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE, HPA 19-036, expand a parking lot.
The Board recommended in favor of reconstructing the parking as completed, with the understanding that it would be temporary and with the encouragement of additional planting.  Vote: 5-1.        

710 E Street SE, HPA 18-612, concept/three-story rear addition.
The Board found the general concept to be compatible with the historic district, with the exception of the fourth-floor penthouse, and asked that the applicant respond to the HPO report and Board comments and return to the Board to present revisions. Vote: 7-0  

712 5th Street SE, HPA 19-038, permit/third floor and rear addition. 
The Board found the concept to be compatible with the historic district and delegated further review to HPO with the following modifications: (A) that the rooftop addition be set-back as to be invisible from 5th Street; (B) that the applicant work with HPO to regularize the massing and fenestration pattern at the additions.  Vote: 7-0

U STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT                                
1717 11th Street NW, HPA 18-673, concept/request for property to be determined non-contributing. 
The Board reaffirmed the listing of the building in the National Register nomination for the U Street Historic District as a contributing building, as the structure adds to the district’s sense of time and place and historical development and shares the historic architectural qualities for which the district is significant. Vote: 7-0

Present: Marnique Heath, Chair; Andrew Aurbach, Thomas Brokaw, Brian Crane, Outerbridge Horsey, Chris Landis and Gretchen Pfaehler.  Absent:  Linda Greene, Sandra Jowers-Barber. 

3300 Newark Street NW, HPA 18-534, revised concept/rear addition [continuation of October 4th hearing]. 
The Board considered and gave great weight to the resolution of the ANC asking that the proposed addition be pulled back an additional four feet but found that the revisions presented by the applicant were sufficient to respect the ravine and to be compatible with the character of the Cleveland Park Historic District, and delegate final approval to staff. Vote:  7-0.    

3219 Wisconsin Avenue NW, HPA 19-041, concept/relocate house on lot and construct six-story
addition. The Board found that moving the house to face Macomb Street would improve its setting and would be compatible with the character of the historic district but that the concept needs further development before resubmission to the Board.  Further study of the following was recommended: (1) retaining the full width of the front porch; (2) developing a preservation plan for the house with demolition limited to a level consistent with the preservation regulations; (3) increasing the separation between the house and new construction, with elimination of the connector element; (4) considering somewhat different design treatments on Macomb and Wisconsin, with reductions in the height and width and distribution of projecting bays could help reduce the height and scale of the building on Macomb and strengthen the building’s presence on Wisconsin; (5) eliminating areaways, (6) reducing the extent of glass for a higher proportion of masonry, and (7) considering how the design of the building could made more specific to its site and the historic district through the use of materials, color or other characteristics.  Vote:  7-0. 

Scottish Rite Temple, 1733 16th Street NW, HPA 18-668, concept/new construction, apartment building. 
The Board concurred with the resolution of the ANC and found the general concept for new construction and subdivision compatible with the landmark, the 16th Street and the 14th Street historic districts, but that the following work was needed to improve the proposal’s compatibility: (1) the floor-to-floor heights should be reduced on all levels, including the height of the penthouse; (2) the proportion of glazing was too high and the windows should be more residential in character; (3) the corner elements should be redesigned, with study of reducing the extent of glazing, improving the proportions of the projections, and pulling back the S Street corner element and its penthouse to open up views to and to provide a more deferential relationship to the temple; (4) there should be more variety overall in the building mass and height, and pulling the building forward to the building line and increasing the depth of the projections should be considered; (5) the intent of relating the color of cladding materials to the neighborhood is appropriate but the specific materials shown appear too dark; (6) the stair to the basement areaway should be relocated to the courtyard so that it is not visible from public street view; (7) portions of the building should come directly to the ground and for those portions with areaways, the landscape plan should be developed to screen the areaway and guardrails, and to provide the impression from the sidewalk that the building sits on a base surrounded by foundation plantings; (8) the new square windows in the alley building should be eliminated; and (9) a north-south through-block connection or park area and improved views of the back of the temple should be considered.  The project should return to the ANC and Board for further review when ready.  Vote:  7-0

1634 North Capitol Street NW, HPA 18-556, revised concept/new construction. 
The Board found the revised concept to be improved in its compatibility with the Bloomingdale Historic District, and that the option that called for a setback for the southern portion of the fourth floor was found to be appropriate in deferring to the landmark firehouse.  The plans should continue to be developed to reduce the proportions of the top floor, reduce the height of the penthouse to 10 feet, and to refine the detailing, and the project should be resubmitted for the Board’s final review when ready.  The Board gave great weight to the resolution of the ANC that expressed concerns about the design but acknowledged that some of the changes made since the project was presented to the ANC appeared to address those concerns, and that the project could be reviewed again by the ANC prior to returning for final Board approval.  Vote:  5-0.  

The Board approved the following on the Consent Calendar on November 15 by a vote of 5-0. 

423 4th Street SE, HPA 18-671, concept/three-story rear addition.

1737 11th Street NW; HPA 19-042, concept/demolish garage; alter rear windows.

The Board approved the following on the Consent Calendar on November 29 by a vote of 7-0. 
2009 18th Street NW, HPA 18-621, concept/one-story addition with central courtyard. 
Transcripts of this Historic Preservation Review Board Meetings may be purchased from the court reporting agency that covered this hearing – Olender Reporting, Inc. (202) 898-1108, ,or . Copies of individual staff reports that are prepared in advance of the hearing are posted on our website at  

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