Sunday, February 03, 2019

sounds of many gunshots in PSA 306 in north Bloomingdale this morning at 4:52 am; a neighbor reports that it was firecrackers

Many neighbors commented on NextDoor.

Here is an Email exchange that I initiated at the MPD-3D list at Yahoogroups.

Now read this later post at NextDoor:

Linds Stone, ·Edited 5h ago
Just checked my security cam, sounds like they were in the Bloomingdale Ct alley somewhere. At the end of the clip from my cam, a woman is shouting at them, “People will think those were gun shots, idiots,” so I guess that solves it, ha.

I passed the clip on to police. (Didn’t see anyone in the footage but it had audio.)

Sent: Sunday, February 3, 2019 11:45 AM
Subject: Re: [MPD-3d] sounds of gunfire in PSA 306 along 1st St NW in Bloomingdale early this morning

Good morning.  At approximately 4:52am, the MPD began receiving calls for the sounds of gunshots in the areas of 2000 North Capitol St, 2000 1st St, 2nd/V, 1st/V, 1st/U, 100 V, 2nd/W and V/Bloomingdale Ct.  Callers reported hearing anywhere from 8-15 gunshots, but unfortunately nobody reported seeing the actual subjects shooting.  Multiple 3D units responded to the area as well as area hospitals and located no victims or reported property damage.  

Residents of the area are asked to check any cameras that they may have for video of evidentiary value.  Please contact the Third District detectives office on 202-673-6918 and refer to report 19-019538 if you locate any.
Stuart Emerman
Commander, Third District
Patrol Services North
Metropolitan Police Department
1620 V Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
202-673-6820 (Office)
202-486-0995 (Cell)
Twitter @DCPoliceDept

On Feb 3, 2019, at 11:35 AM, Scott Roberts  [MPD-3d] <> wrote:
Third District:    

A number of Bloomingdale residents commented on NextDoor regarding 15+ single gunshots early this morning just prior to 5 am in the area of 1st & U St NW, 1st & V St NW or 1st & W St NW in PSA 306.   

Might you be able to share any info that you may have about these sounds of gunfire?   

Thank you. 
== Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale == 

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