Friday, July 19, 2019

a McMillan update: Motion for Leave to Accept Late Filing, Petition for Rehearing 18-AA-698/18-AA0796

See these three PDF documents from DC for Reasonable Development:


  1. Kinda funny that they missed the deadline. Presume the Court will give them leave though.

  2. We object to these anonymous posts Mr. Roberts. Aren't
    "nobodyhomeupstairs" proud of VMP, Bowser and Mendelson exempting the Monster mega-development conglomerate from DC laws on contracting and fair business practices? Or our Attorney General Carl Racine , "the peoples attorney" working over time to force "the people" out of court" on technicalities and never hear our legal concerns? Bye, bye courts, bye bye. Don't you brave "anonymous" or "Nobodyhomeupstairs" think it is really great that VMP and DMPED ran an unconstitutional Jamie Fontaine Public Relations "astroturf" campaign to "convince that their is wide spread public support for VMP" and "provide cover for elected officials" and my favorite, "neutralize opposition"? In Vietnam that was shooting people in the head in the street. VMP will be lovely neighbors, all 7000 of them. Thanks "anonymous" without lackeys how would the corporate overlords control Bowser, McDuffie and Mendelson as easily. We are all proud that Bowser and "Meddlesome" still covering up their first amendment violation of our rights, so don't bother to "petition the government for redress of grievances", bye, bye, "rights" bye bye, just lost that CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.So thanks to your support Howard University is building another McMillan Town center East, we are getting walled in ,, thank you brave citizens of the District of Corruption.

  3. The Vietnam reference was hilarious....LMAO