Tuesday, August 27, 2019

McMillan site demolition activity: Brookland resident Daniel Wolkoff’s letter to Deputy Attorney General Fisher and OP Senior Counsel Lieb

From: Daniel Wolkoff
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2019 10:35 PM
Subject: Brookland resident please post on Bloomingdale

now nobodyhomeupstairs will really think i'm crazy!

August 26, 2019 Daniel Goldon Wolkoff  pro se petitoner  18-AA-357 and 18-AA-500 and 18-AA-501

Deputy Attorney General Fisher and OP Senior Counsel Lieb,

attached please see today's photos of demo equipment operating at "protected" McMillan Sand Filtration Site historic district.

thank you for replying to my concern that VMP/DMPED are violating the DC Court of Appeals decision excerpted below. The DCCA said no demo until all cases and

" any other obstacles to final building permits" are cleared and this court decision does not allow demolition of our park, historically protected McMillan Park, until pending cases are adjudicated (and common sense prevails).

please see page 52 of DCCA decision on Friends of McMillan Park vs Mayor's Agent Peter Byrne(DMPED) petition for review of appeal:

"Thus, as long as legal obstacles to the completion of the entire project remain, demolition of historic structures on the Filtration Complex will not be consistent with the purposes of the Historic Preservation Act. One remaining legal obstacle is the on-going appeal of the Zoning Commission’s approval of the PUD application for the project. Until that appeal and any other obstacles to the applicant's ability to complete the project are resolved, the applicants may not commence demolition.”


Moreover, the Historic Preservation Act ensures that demolition cannot begin until Building permits have been issued, which is impossible since the overall project and at least two parcels still need second-stage zoning approvals.

A group of pro se petitioners is still pending in its appeal. We were not dismissed by A.G. Racine, as he tried so hard, but we now have received our briefing schedule from DCCA for 30 days from today.

We are making this effort to enforce Historic Preservation of a National and DC Registered site, a Historic District, and save an environmentally beneficial PUBLICLY OWNED green space that all DC residents desperately need. We do not need VMP/DMPED's monstrous private profit  "McMillan Town Center" or the 20,000 to 30,000 more automobiles on polluted N. Capitol every day, or 24,000 additional mass transit users with no metro. Or to continue to suffer the danger of traffic blocked ambulances and firetrucks hopping the median and plunging into on coming traffic, very frequently, do not need that!. As the 24,000 projected mass transit users will require 600 polluting buses a day, to ferry them to the Brookland Metro, less than 1 mile away, officially not walk-able, we really don't need that either.

 As I"m sure you know that proper urban planning brings in mass transit, before rampant massive over-development. We have seen Office of Planning is not professional nor academic urban planners, just 'shoe horns" for massive over-development. Not your problem right!

We are up against $ millions of dollars in legal teams, Holland and Knight, including our A.G. Racine, who are all paid by our tax dollars. We are spending a fortune in our own time and depleting our own very low incomes. WE are paying for both sides of the table as our and your taxes are squandered on Holland and Knight and an unethical process by  DMPED and VMP. We want our AG to help us!

I have one question for you, my "public servants", my employees, one simple question, other than "you need to help"

the DC government and its development conglomerate "partners" to abide by the LAW!

please do not misunderstand the  frustration I suffer by this Quixotic effort, its bad.

I appreciate the call back very much, please don't get me wrong, but you try  some time to go up against this unethical cabal and private profit juggernaut, with our very low income and numerous responsibilities, like my job.

So, please answer this simple question:

Does the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution have a "statute of limitations"? Is there a five year limit on a violation of constitutional rights?

I can be reached at 202-232-8391, Daniel Goldon Wolkoff.  If you would like to actually learn about this issue, and meet the good citizens who are trying against massive odds, to preserve the historic park and all its environmental and civic benefits, for all our citizens and visitors alike,  please join us, we welcome you and all our other "employees".

Tuesday night 8/27 at Lamond-Riggs library 5401 South Dakota Avenue NE

6:00 to  8:30 P.M.  I would love to share more with you at this meeting of our community groups.

thank you, and truly your assistance is greatly appreciated, Daniel Goldon Wolkoff


Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
McMillan Park Conservancy
1231 Randolph St. NE
Washington, DC 20017


nobodyhomehere said...

It seems to me you have a legitimate question about whether the ongoing work is legal. You deserve an answer. I think DCRA is the place to explain why work is permitted and exactly what is approved but good luck trying to get the deputy attorney general to respond.

nobodyhomehere said...

From the 9-26 WUSA article...A spokesperson for DC's Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development said in a statement that the city is not currently demolishing the site.

"The activity onsite involved testing the means and methods of anticipated construction activity to ensure the historic resources are protected according to the direction provided by the D.C. Court of Appeals," Chanda Washington's statement read.

mona said...

The entire McMillian project will be finished and redeveloped and Daniel Wolkoff will still be complaining and writing little letters. The McMillian development is happening, you can complain all you like this is happening and as you can see for the past >5yrs of complaining it has done nothing but move forward, all you can do is delay.

Unknown said...

Problem is that when they delay they succeed. THE DELAYS NEED TO BE STOPPED. They have used the courts against the wishes of the people and now we need to rise up take them to court and.make them pay for our losses caused by the delays. Starting with $71 million in infrastructure improvements. Then the loss of services, commercial and.medical and housing and jobs. I would say a class-action lawsuit to stop their injunctions would be a good start.

Nate said...

Very true. They don’t have the facts on their side; which is clear by the fact they keep losing in court. All they can do is waste our time and tax dollars. Most of these obstructionists don’t even live nearby.

Also it’s quite clear this blog is a mouth piece for these obstructionists.

Unknown said...

I assumed that was the case (that many don't live near McMilllan). I grew up in the area, and don't recall hearing any complaints about lack of access to the "park." I do, however, recall wishing there was a nearby grocery store.

Unknown said...

This is fake from FOMP. I live next to McMillian Sand Filtration - and there is no heavy equipment doing anything. So now, not only is FOMP blocking access to safe spaces, groceries and economic development, they are lying on top of it to gain your support for their own extortion.

Nate said...

Hey Scoot, why do you keep posting emails from this lunatic / non-neighbor?

Nate said...

What’s that, Scott? You posted a response to me and deleted it? From what I gather, you asked if I wanted to volunteer to serve as blog content something...? Hey if you have trouble taking criticism, that’s not my problem. It’s your blog...I’m not going to do your job for you.