Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Save McMillan Action Coaltion: "McMillan Park Appeals Cases Survive OAG Karl Racine's Request for Dismissal; Mayor Begins Park Demolition in Violation of Court Ruling"

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PR: McMillan Park Appeals Cases Survive OAG Karl Racine's Request for Dismissal; Mayor Begins Park Demolition in Violation of Court Ruling

PRESS UPDATE August 28, 2019
Contact Grace McClain, SMAC.DC@gmail.com, (202) 656-3012

McMillan Park Appeals Cases Survive OAG Karl Racine's Request for Dismissal; Mayor Begins Park Demolition in Violation of Court Ruling

Washington, DC -- On August 27, 2019, the DC Court of Appeals Acting Chief Judge, Stephen Glickman, denied DC's Office of Attorney General, Karl Racine's request to dismiss the appeals of several DC residents who have challenged the destruction of McMillan Park.  See attached order.

Melissa Peffers, Cynthia Carson, Daniel Wolkoff, Jerome Peloquin, Chris Otten, Linwood Norman, and James Fournier have been waiting for this decision since filing numerous replies in July in response to Racine's Motion to Dismiss the appeals. The Court denied Racine and has asked appellants for opening legal pleadings in the next month. If they do not submit an opening brief, the case will be dismissed.
Petitioners are seeking review of the decision of J. Peter Byrne, the DC Mayor's Agent on Historic Preservation, who approved the demolition of most of McMillan's Park historic resources, including nearly all of the one-of-a-kind underground water works. 

"We can't understand DC planning officials on this one at all.  There are cities around the world preserving old beautiful industrial sites, restoring them, adaptively re-purposing them, and seeing them become successful public havens welcoming tourism, generous economic activity, and creative placemaking that brings social uplift for people of all backgrounds," said Chris Otten, longtime McMillan Park Supporter and member of Lincoln's Cottage Friends. "Here the waterworks are second to none in a fascinating subterranean aesthetic and the above ground sand bins and regulators that peer across grand vistas to all major landmarks in the city. It is an incomparable gem on the East Coast that the Mayor wants to throw in the trash just to build more expensive condos. We will fight this all the way!"

Despite the recent Court ruling keeping the Petitioners appeals alive, which thus prevents demolition from occurring at present, Mayor Bowser has violated the Court ruling by storming the site with demolition equipment that has already peeled away and destroyed some of the turf that sits on top of the underground historic waterworks porticos.  Photos taken on Monday, August 26, 2019, depict the start of demolition work at the site.

DC for Reasonable Development, convener of the Save McMillan Action Coalition has a emergency gathering at the Park on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 27, 2019. https://www.facebook.com/events/1309877942513784/


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Daniel in brookland said...

aniel in brooklandThursday, December 05, 2019 7:30:00 PM

the unnecessary destruction of a "safe drinking water filtration utility" is shockingly irresponsible, think of climate change and other clear vulnerabilities of the West side CHEMICAL based water treatment plant. Why is it an Army base? Vulnerabilities?
We can have the Olmsted designed park, all 25 coherent acres FOR A PITTANCE of expense, and all the needed retail a million ways.

But you all are Lemmings! Lead around by VMP, a perjuring unethical corporate conglomerate, that is stealing OUR land, our land.. too bad you all care so little about ethics, and morality and your own city, and demand proper mass transit up North Cap, this is idiotic!!. I recommend that everyone who does care call the House of Representatives Homeland Security Sub Committee on Preparedness(emergency shelter at McMillan and water security, and food)We need Federal oversight to stop the corrupt deal, we need authority, not more stupid emails to each other!Call 202-226-2616 the Sub Committee secretary and ask for Lauren McClain,, in charge of Prearedness and Homeland security.Also Chair,man Bennie Thompson, call his office, NOW!..FOMP filed a Temporary Restraining Order, so I would also write to the DC Superior Court and support the TRO, NOW kiddies!
Civil Division

) Case No. 2019 CA 006127 P(MPA)
) Judge Kelly A. Higashi
Petitioner, ) Next Event: Initial Scheduling
) Conference,
v. ) December 20, 2019,
) 9:30 a.m.