Tuesday, April 20, 2010

found dog on unit block of U Street NW yesterday; picked up by Washington Humane Society

A U Street NW reported a found dog yesterday evening.
Here is a pic of the dog.

The neighbor who found the dog has this comment: “I had the dog picked up by the Washington Humane Society.”


  1. This is a note to everyone who may read this: Please know that the Washington Humane Society runs the DC animal shelter, which is a kill shelter. Although small dogs usually get adopted, they also have a high rate of euthenasia. If you take an animal there, you are risking that animal being put to sleep due to overcrowding at the shelter. I would encourage people to try and find the owners or place the animal with a rescue group prior to handing it over to the Humane Society.

    What a cute dog! I am sure many people in the neighborhood would have agreed to foster the dog until a new home - or a rescue group - was found. My family def. would have.

    That said, we are lucky to have the Humane Society run our shelter - as opposed to some DC agency.

  2. You can still foster the dog! The Washington Humane Society has a foster program. I'm sure they will let you foster this little guy especially if he runs the risk of being put down due to space.

  3. Hello! Thanks for the suggestions about shelters. (I am the one that found him yesterday). I thought the Humane Society was no-kill but I guess I was wrong. They seemed pretty confidant he would be claimed or adopted quickly since he's a well-cared-for, healthy little guy. I plan on following up to intervene if he's not claimed or adopted, but for financial reasons and time (i'm a grad student), I couldn't keep him last night. Def call up to be a foster though.

  4. You have to apply to be part of the foster program, which takes a while. But, it is true that small, well-cared for dogs either are claimed by their owners or are quickly adopted.

    But I really wanted the community to know that it IS a kill shelter and keeping animals out of there, as much as possible, is the safest approach.

  5. Please microchip your pets so when the pet accdentally escapes the DC Animal Shelter will be able to return the pet to the owner. The shelter checks the pets for a chip when they pick it up. The chip is also important in identifying the owner if someone in the neighborhood decides to keep your pet and will not return it. I learned the hard way so my pets have a chip.