Friday, June 11, 2010

bicycles stolen on Thursday, 6-10-2010

Searching for clues on the disappearance of 2 new bikes taken from the garage of #43 Rhode Island NW rear alley on Thursday Jun 10th.

Beautiful sky blue woman`s Schwinn Voyage bike and men`s hansom brown GTB Nomad.

Both were fully rigged with racks, backpacks, mirrors, bells, odometers, etc.

Grateful for any hints of their location. Reward offered.

202- 462- 6232

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sven said...

Was your garage locked up at the time? I had my 1999 Schwin Moab lifted right out of my backyard (despite a 6 foot fence and me being home at the time) at 5:30-6pm on the 28th of May.

I've been keeping my other bike locked up to the rack in my garage since.