Friday, June 11, 2010

missing tulips from 1st St NW front yard

If anyone has any information about my missing tulips please contact me.

They appear to have been dug up sometime on Thursday from the front of my house, 2009 first, nw.


Anonymous said...

Squirrels love tulips. The squirrels probably dug them up and ate them.

Suzanne in Bloomingdale said...

I and my neighbors on the unit block of S St NW have had plants and planters stolen from our front yards. Mine were taken a couple of summers ago, but my neighbors' large (heavy) pots were taken last summer.

I wouldn't be surprised if the squirrels were involved with the tulips, though.

PSR said...

A black-eyed susan plant was dug up and stolen from the strip between the sidewalk and street in front of my home at 111 P Street NW last Wednesday night. I had just transplanted the flowers a few days earlier as part of the civic association plant give-away. It's sad and pathetic that someone would steal landscaping.