Wednesday, June 02, 2010

neighbor seeking referrals for indoor HDTV antennas

See this request from a Bloomingdale resident:

Could you please ask our neighbors if any of them use an indoor antenna for HDTV reception (i.e. do not have Cable or a satellite) and can recommend a brand and model?


Anonymous said...

I bought this (, and it worked fine. However, you must have it near the window and its shape made it very unwieldy to put it anywhere. Make sure you get one that is powered--it amplifies any signals that it picks up. The nice thing about HD antenna usage is either it works or doesn't. No snow, and much less constant adjusting.

Karen said...

Hi, we purchased an antenna from Radio Shack for our TV. We keep it by the tv and it seems to work fine (barring any helicoptors).

Anonymous said...

have what you need brand new converter box with antenna $40 bucks. try it if it works for you pay me if you don't like it just return it.

Anonymous said...

If you have a coaxial cable coming into your house try plugging it into your TV before doing anything else. Chances are you will get all basic channels with the coax (though not cable channels) and save yourself headaches and money.

Anonymous said...

We use an RCA Flat Panel Amplified Antenna.

It works very well, placed in the middle of our row home, about 20 feet from a window.

You can get them through Amazon for under $30.00.

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