Tuesday, June 08, 2010

neighbor soliciting feedback on Banneker Pool

See this message from a LeDroit Park resident:

I'm looking for some reviews or feedback on the Banneker Pool.

What do you think?


  1. Pros: Big enough to accommodate a lot of people, walking distance, nice new lounge chairs

    Cons: the life guards block 1/3 of the pool for use (lack of guards?), lazy guards or underpaid (I was unknowingly swimming in the section for 15 minutes where I was not allowed to swim. The guards finally noticed my infraction and informed to get out.)

  2. How about the Harry Thomas rec center pool?

  3. I am also curious about the Banneker Pool. I moved to bloomingdale a couple weeks ago and happened to notice the pool while biking. It seems to be well maintained based on a brief glimpse.

    FYI, pool schedules: http://dpr.dc.gov/dpr/cwp/view,a,1239,q,639572.asp

  4. I'm with JohnDC - check out Harry Thomas Rec Center. For most, it will be closer than Banneker (it is on Lincoln Rd at S St NE - just on the other side of North Cap. Great pool. Generally MUCH less crowded than Banneker. They also did a spruce up of the building over the winter, so the locker rooms etc are looking really great!