Tuesday, June 01, 2010

more info on the recent muggings referenced in the prior blog entry

See this additional info from one of the people who was mugged:

``I`` was beaten up by 5 teens at North Capitol Street near the Liquor Store at 7pm, walking home alone from work, broad daylight. There were people around, nobody helped, and everybody pretended not to have seen his bag got stolen. He got away with just bruises.

``T`` was hit one time on the side of his head on North Capitol Street, also walking home from work, so probably also around 7pm, broad day light. We were in a group of 4, but two of us were ahead of him and his visiting niece.

``M1``, my boyfriend ``M2`` who`s visiting, and myself were mugged last Saturday night little after 1am at P & First NW. But they probably were following us from New York Av and First or something. They beat both M1 and M2, but M1 got the worst blow. They left me alone, until I started yelling at them to not do this to us and they decided to take my purse, one of the guys held me, they took my purse, and after that ran away. M2 my bf had already given off his wallet and cash. Might have been the same gang who attacked ``I`` -- approx 5 young guys who started by hitting hard from the back.

I would advise tenants to at least avoid North Capitol St. like the plague. In the early mornings it was always fine however. And just always take a cab home. It never crossed our mind last Saturday night, but yeah...

We have had a wonderful time here in DC, until the last few weeks... Summertime is the season for muggings is what we were told in the Howard University Hospital ER. They fix jaws all the times then, sadly!


Anonymous said...

horrible that this happened.
what was the liquor store where "i" was attacked?
what was the cross street where 't" was attacked?

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing.

Would you mind clarifying which liquor store you think that the other muggings happened? I live in the northern part of Bloomingdale, closer to Rhode Island. I see far fewer folks hanging around in the streets than down toward Florida Ave and NY Ave, but would obviously like to know if they are making their way up this way more frequently.

Also, you noted that the mugging happened to "M1 and M2" at First and P. A previous blog post indicated that this occurred at First and T. Or was that an additional mugging? For the obvious reasons stated above, T St. and P St. make a huge difference to me!

I sure hope that this is early summer activity and subsides quickly.

JohnDC said...

I am also curious about the location. I'm guessing it's the liquore store down on North Capitol & R St but there is also one near Florida called Big Ben which is always surrounded by people drinking & urinating.

Anonymous said...

big ben is at new york.

JohnDC said...

Yes, North Capitol & New York... my bad.

Anonymous said...

On May 25, a friend of mine was attacked on 2nd just north of V by a group of teens who punched him and knocked him down.

We were told that someone was attacked by juveniles the same night at 5th and T, with onlookers again doing nothing. Another friend and neighbor was mugged at gunpoint the following day on the way to the Shaw Metro.

In other words it's open season, and not just on North Cap, so be alert.

Corinne said...

It may also be worth noting that the 4th Street Cleaners at 4th and Florida was robbed at gunpoint by two 20ish males last Friday, May 28 at about 5:30pm.

Anonymous said...

I love summertime.

I guarantee you wouldn't be talking about this if the people being mugged were black and lived in this neighborhood for more than a decade.

Summertime in DC is awesome though.

Want to know how you don't get mugged?

Don't go where you're not wanted. Don't act like a douche - do douchy things, like taking up all the space on a sidewalk.

Acknowledge people, seriously. You have no idea how many times I get bumped by whites, who expect me to move, when im on the sidewalk. One of these days I'ma clock one of you bammas.

Anonymous said...

"Don't go where you're not wanted"? Really.

City streets are public property, and we all have to get to where we need to go. Racism coming from anyone is still racism, and disgusting.

And people of all colors are rude and bump people on the street. Just because one white kid is an asshole doesn't mean you can beat up someone who's just trying to walk home.

Live and let live, come on.

Anonymous said...

Point being, if these people were not white, you wouldn't be talking about it. That alone, is racist from jump.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if these people who were robbed all were white. I don't care what race is getting mugged in the neighborhood I live in, it is a concern to me. This nonsense about whites not wanting blacks around and blacks not wanting whites around is not helping anyone. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

if you cared about black people, you wouldn't gentrify our neighborhood and push the people who have lived here for generations out.

Anonymous said...

"Our" being a neighborhood primarily composed of people of color with residents who lived here for decades.

No one wanted to live here, nor cared to affect us in a positive manner when we dealt with the crack epidemic.

We were the joke, the place you didn't want to go to or to live.

Now you want to live here and push people who dealt with that out.

Do you understand how frustrating that situation is? We NEED the crime in the area to stave off gentrification. How sad is that?

Anonymous said...

You like the neighborhood so much, buy up the houses and keep them how it was. Do something about it to keep it how you want it. If it's your house you get to pick who lives there. Otherwise it's not up to you.

Anonymous said...

if you have outsiders so much, go join the teabaggers.

Anonymous said...

"We NEED crime in the area to stave off gentrification. How sad is that?"

What's sad is that you don't understand what you really need to improve and maintain the neighborhood. Clue, it's not coddling and excusing a small subset of amoral, violent juveniles. But maybe you'd rather hold a parade for your heroes the next time they smash someone's jaw with a brick?

Anonymous said...

You have dumb gentry arguments.

Yeah, lets buy up all the neighborhood houses when we've been systematically oppressed in every way imaginable. We don't have the income that a lot of you do. Hell, we're lucky to even be able to pay our property tax now.

Word? That really sounds plausible?

Anonymous said...

This neighborhood has gone through many levels of gentrification over the last hundred years, or all races, classes and religions. It's called life and evolving, whether positive or negative. If pride in your neighborhood is keeping it the way it was in the last 30+ years, their won't be a neighborhood soon...It's great people are spending the money to fix up homes that faced years of neglect. I think everyone would rather hear hammers and saws at work, rather than guns shoots and pleas for HELP!!!

Hopefully people taking pride in their neighborhood will help lower the probabilities of these random acts of violence.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that the more productive way to deal with the problem that you just described would be to work to get better jobs and thus a higher income as opposed to destroy the neighborhood to reduce property taxes... and therefore education system, police force, etc. etc. creating the systematic oppression you are speaking of?

Anonymous said...

there must be some magic therapy in anonymous internet hatred.

Anonymous said...

Magic therapy. I like it. A lot of hate on whites moving into a historically black neighborhood. I empathize. Maybe you white folks have never considered how obnoxious you are with your educated minds and how you want to make Bloomingdale blossom into a beautiful diverse neighborhood and you're not a racist like your father's generation because you voted for Obama. But I'm not sure if white annoyance warrants someone getting their head bashed in for lurking around where they don't supposedly belong. What's next, blame a rape victim for wearing a skirt too short?

I tend to hear a lot of black on white racism (ex., black witnesses not supporting white victims), but how about this case which has surfaced: certain white employees of the Big Bear Cafe are racist. A long time resident has vouched for the owner, but I have to wonder why the owner hasn't done anything about it. Why are the employees predominately white in a dominantly black neighborhood? I inquired about this rumor with local experts because a young black lady was told by white employees of Big Bear Cafe that a party she (black) overheard was canceled. Obviously the party still went as planned without any black folks allowed to attend.

Anonymous said...

Hearing all the hate in this thread has actually made me cry.

gri-gri said...

don't cry. its just the same old people gripping about the same old things, growing old, but never growing up to transcend their bitterness and hate.

Big Bear is free to hire whoever they want. No one ever questions the chinese takeouts on who they hire. why is that? its because one or two people that comment here have a score to settle with big bear and they lash out in juvenile ways.

neither blacks nor whites have a monopoly on ignorance. the person who thinks the neighborhood wouldn't now exist without new white people moving in and saving it is as deeply ignorant as the black resident who thinks all white people what to displace them.

if you really get to know people, you may be surprised. ignorance and hate spread on message boards are not good examples of what exists in our neighborhood. we all act as individuals, not our "race".

Anonymous said...

too many idealistic douchebags here. at least it's funny. i will agree with gri-gri that it's the same ol' crap about hate. honestly people will hate someone for much lesser reasoning. i've never noticed how segregated the neighborhood establishments are because i'm probably one of those oblivious morons bumping into black people on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that maybe some of us evil white folk just wanted to move closer to our workplaces? Or that we actually like being in the city because of all the historic places to visit and things to do? Or that many of us couldn't afford the 800K brownstone in Gtown, but sure thought the 4-500K rowhome in this area seemed nice?

If you want to stay, then do so. I'm not asking you to leave. I happen to like my neighbors very much, especially the ones who have lived her for a long time and can relate some of the rich history.

I will, however, beat the snot out of a pack of thugs that tries to rob me - and make no apologies for it. My money doesn't fall magically from the sky - and the street thugs around here have no right to it.