Saturday, July 24, 2010

complaint about the Washington Post delivery service

From a 1st Street NW resident:

Is there anyone in the neighborhood who works for the Washington Post? I know awhile back someone responded to the listserve and stated they worked for the Post and was interested in concerns about the Post.

I am so frustrated with my delivery service and lack of responsiveness after numerous complaints to customer service about repeated issues. I have also asked for responses in writing regarding my complaints, that request was ignored. Might someone have the name of person(s) at the Washington Post with whom I can register a detailed complaint -- outside of those who answer the 334-6100 number?


beth howe said...


I work at the Post, and I'm sorry to hear you are having delivery problems. I'd be happy to help to you resolve your issue - just send me an e-mail ast, and I'll make sure that the right people get it resolved.

Beth howe

john said...

I live the 100 block of Randolph Pl and I miss a paper at least once a week. The delivery service is a joke.

I will be switching to the Times.

Anonymous said...

I live on Randolph Place and have also had delivery issues - particularly at the weekends. What is most frustrating is that they insist that it will be redelivered and nothing happens. Last time I got the name and phone number of the delivery supervisor for our area (didn't keep it, though, perhaps I should have done) and called him directly and left a voicemail asking for a return call immediately. He didn't call back (bad customer service, in my opinion) but the paper did show up soon after.

Anonymous said...

I cancelled my subscription after the jerk delivering my paper broke a STEEL gate and a light on my house. On three separate occasions. The Post didn't reimburse me and the delivery guy never responded except to send me an envelope requesting a Christmas tip. Post phone service never solved the problem either. Of course the damage was in addition to the repeatedly missed deliveries and the lack of coverage of local news.

Anonymous said...

I live on 2nd St NW and am frequently calling the Post about non-delivery--especially on Sunday. They come when they feel like it. How can we address this? The present manager doesn't seem to care. No tip for this carrier.

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

I was asked to post this message from a Seaton Place NW resident:

I am threatening to cancel my Washington Post subscription too. My paper was missing this morning and I called 334-6100 to request delivery, which works if you call before 10:00 a.m. Please pass along to person with delivery problems. Our household has had numerous missed deliveries in June and July. The distributor and WP will be informed of problems if make the complaint via their website: