Thursday, July 08, 2010

lost cat around 2nd & T St NW

See this message:

Any help in returning our missing cat, Tiger, would be great appreciated. She is small and thin with light-orange tabby coat, and she's been missing for about two weeks.

Her home is at 2nd and T Streets NW, and we suspect that she has not ventured many blocks away.

Please contact us at tjones at gmail dot com with any information.


Inez said...

I know that many feral (and domestic, no doubt) cats hang out by Crispus Attucks Park. Also I've seen food left out for cats in the alley on the west side of 1st between Adams and Bryant.

Paul said...

posting here is a good idea. This blog gets some good neighborhood circulation. I live at 2nd and S and am often on the porch. I will keep an eye out. I recently went through the same thing. We went to Petco after Merlin came back and got collars for all three of our cats. They don't really like them but... tough. If you wander - you get a collar with a name tag. Best wishes for a happy reuinion... I will be wathing out for the little guy.