Sunday, July 11, 2010

stolen scooter spotted in Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park

A Bloomingdale resident writes to report that he spotted on Sunday, 11 July an individual riding his white Honda Elite 80 scooter that was stolen out of his backyard in late June. The individual was spotted first at the intersection of 2nd and T NW, then 10 minutes later heading north on 4th Street before turning east on W and disappearing.

The scooter has a distinctive look (see photo) and a chip out of the bottom of the front fender which the owner clearly saw while passing the rider on 4th Street. The scooter has no license plate, but did have at the time of theft a Virginia registration sticker that has an orange border and reads "4 11" and is affixed on the left side of the scooter's steering column (see photo).

If anyone spots the scooter parked in the neighborhood, please DO NOT attempt to reclaim it or confront its operator, but please notify the owner of the time and location of sighting at

The police were informed of this sighting, but unable to find the driver or scooter. Thanks for your any and all help.


Anonymous said...

this sucks.
what makes scooters especially easy to steal? are they easy to hotwire or screwdriver the ignition?

Anonymous said...

exactly why they are easy to steal you dont need a key