Thursday, July 08, 2010

seeking mason to repair gouged brick

See this message from a Bloomingdale resident:

Two weeks ago the fire department broke into my home because someone deliberately reported a fire on my property even though there wasn`t one. My guess is someone was trying to rob me and used that as a way to possibly gain access (ie. wait for fire department to break through the doors and then gain access when they leave- it happened at about 2:45pm in the afternoon on a weekday), but I was fortunate that my tenant was home and he called to let me know what was going on. Anyway- I now have two gouges in my brick next to my front door and I am wondering if anyone on the listserve might have a recommendation for a brick mason who could fix it?


Mari said...

This is odd. Someone/ or something reported that my neighbor's house had a 90 year old man in need of EMS. So the big truck came along with the ambulance and a bunch of firefighters were just standing around in my neighbor's yard staring up at the second floor window. I just happened to have been home (middle of the day) and poked my head out my own window. I confirmed that 'no' no 90 yr olds live there. Yes, I'm very sure. It took about a few minutes for them to decide that I was right. They said that they were waiting for a cop so they could break into the second floor window but after I convinced them that seriously no senior citizens were in the house they left.
I wonder if this is a new robbery style being tried out.

DavidonS said...

Is there a way to post a contact number with the police/ whomever so they can call you about your property? Otherwise, you might come home to a burgled home.

Mareme said...

Good idea about posting a number. If my tenant hadn't been home I probably would have come home to nothing left in my house. At the very least they might have been able to call me to verify the complaint and I wouldn't have had to pay $1,300 replacing locks and doors. said...

I know of an awesome brick mason named Nehemiah Gowens. He actually does complete renovations. He's currently working on my roof addition at 60 T ST NW. Please feel free to stop by and see an example of his work in progress. Nehemiah Gowens 336-508-4965

Hemm said...

Seems pretty fucked up that someone can just make a false call and then you foot the bill for damages done.

You sure you don't have any legal recourse?

If anything, you should pursue charges against whoever made the false report. They should have some record of who/where the call originated from.