Sunday, July 11, 2010

stolen bicycles on T Street NW

See this 7/11/2010 message:

Some burglars broke into our mudroom after 1:00AM early this morning and stole our bicycles.

* Silver Marin Men's Hybrid -- small mounted U-lock.
* Red Schwinn Women's Mountain Bike w/Hybrid tires -- regular mounted U-lock, back bike rack, replacement seat, wheel locks.

Given what I`ve been told about these types of crimes, it seems likely that the burglars knew my husband and I rode bikes, knew where we lived, and knew we stored the bikes in the mudroom. Also they didn`t take anything else or unusually set-off our dogs who were separated from the mudroom by a iron security door (I did hear the dogs bark sometime around 1:30AM, but only for a short period of time).

I was hoping that you could post this on the blog; if anyone sees these bikes around the neighborhood, I`d love to hear from them at the contact information below


Faye Hammersley
147 T St. NW
202- 360- 8174

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Unknown said...

Our two bikes were stolen from our garage last night at 17th and Q Sts. The thieves climbed a fence and entered from the courtyard. One is a Backroads red titanium mens bike and the other is a purple Trek womens bike. Appears there is a bike theif ring again in the neighborhood. Please cal if you see them. 202 667 7685. Susan Davis