Wednesday, January 26, 2011

perhaps Guns Into Plowshare sculpture for North Capitol & Florida Avenue NW ?

See this idea from a Bloomingdale resident who attended last night`s vigil for Billy Mitchell at the site of the 1/19/2011 homicide – the northwest corner of North Capitol Street NW and Florida Avenue NW:

At the vigil last night, our city councilmember recommended finding a way to revitalize the park where Billy Mitchell was shot. I just found this article about an anti-violence sculpture that`s been languishing out of sight in D.C. The sculptor is seeking a more high-profile place for the sculpture. I couldn`t think of a more visible appropriate location than the park at N. Capitol and Florida Ave. Do you have any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts on this?

Here is the article in question, which an image of the sculpture:

Plowshares sculpture in Washington moved again
By Sheldon C. Good
Mennonite Weekly Review


Not quiting my day job - yet! said...

That concert would be perfect!
What a brilliant idea.
But is the scale to large? The park isnt very large.

B on V in DC said...

I think it's a great idea!