Wednesday, January 05, 2011

seeking referrals for drywall installation

From a 1st Street NW resident:

I am seeking a recommendation on dry wall installation. I have recently had my basement redone and need to re install some dry wall.

Also, we had insulation blown in, so we need those holes patched too.


  1. Hi Scott, I saw where you stated you had insulation blown in, could you tell me who did that for you and the phone number? Thanks

  2. I have never had insulation blown in. However, some posters here at the Bloomingdale Neighborhood blog have done so. A quick search via Google of shows some posts about blown-in insulation, including referrals. Perhaps some of the posted referrals may be helpful.

  3. Julio Garcia is a great drywall and painting contractor. He has done several jobs at my house and at friend's houses throughout the area. A realtor friend of mine on the Hill recommends him to all of his clients. For anything with drywall, plaster or painting, he is one of the best around. His number is 240-882-5158

    - Jon Jensen