Wednesday, March 16, 2011

McMillan Advisory Group (MAG), DMPED & Vision McMillan Partners (VMP) meeting Thursday, 03/17/2011

A reminder from ANC 5C Commissioners James Fournier, John Salatti, and Hugh Youngblood:

As a follow-up to the flyer that many of you may have received, the McMillan Advisory Group (the "MAG") will be convening tomorrow, March 17, at 7:00pm at All Nations Baptist Church (on the corner of N. Capitol Street, NE and Rhode Island Avenue, NE) for a meeting between the MAG, the city, and Vision McMillan Partners (the development team).

The MAG has indicated to Clint Jackson, the Project Manager from the Deputy Mayor's Office (DMPED), that the MAG would like the city and the development group to:

- Provide us with updates regarding the development design, at what point the city is in the process, and next steps;

- Present to us the renderings of the most recent design;

- Describe the differences between the previous design (i.e., 2009) and the most recent design and, specifically, how the MAG's and the community's input were incorporated into the most recent design; and

- Share their thoughts about what role they envision the MAG playing at the different phases of the process.

The MAG voted last year to open to the public its meetings with the city and the development team, but public attendance is for observation purposes only.

(McMillan Sand Filtration site image used here courtesy of Bloomingdale resident Suzanne Des Marais.)

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