Monday, March 28, 2011

request for donations for a new Youth Residential Facility (group home) in the city

See this 03/28/2011 message from Bloomingdale resident Tonya Johnson:

Request for Monetary Help: HOPE Youth Residential Facility

Hi My names is Tonya Johnson the wife of the wonderful neighborhood Electrician Wayne Johnson. I need my neighborhood and community help. I have start a group home for young boys in the city. HOPE is a new Youth Residential Facility focused on social betterment and empowerment of our youth in the metropolitan area. HOPE is uniquely designed to serve the needs of the youth and their families with extensive counseling, referrals and training in a home setting.

HOPE Youth Residential Facility provides male youth in our community with free access to counseling, after school tutoring, mentoring and various recreational program. This access is made possible through the generous donations of community leaders like you. The residential Facility is in need.

Thank you in advance for assisting us in reaching our goal of serving our youth. For further information I can be reach at (202) 321 - 1417.

Kindest regards,

Tonya Johnson

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