Friday, March 18, 2011

WestMill Capital Partners specifically mention Bloomingdale & North Capitol Street

The Washington Business Journal reports on WestMill Capital Partners, created by two sons of Herb Miller of big-project Western Development Corp. You've heard of Herb Miller, yes? (Gallery Place, Market Square, etc.)

The focus of WestMill Capital ( is "on the individual businesses — the restaurants, retail, consumer-centric venues that in critical mass create dynamic corridors — rather than on the mega-project that is Western’s longtime concentration."

"WestMill in May will launch a $10 million fund, raised through local partners the Millers declined to disclose, to help local, proven entrepreneurs buy real estate in up-and-coming neighborhoods such as H Street NE, Bloomingdale and North Capitol Street. The Miller brothers expect to make five deals in 12 months — mostly with restaurants, but other businesses, they say, are welcome to apply."

“Most operators don’t get to own their own real estate,” Ben Miller, 34, said in an interview, joined by his brother and partner, Daniel, 23. “We want to make that possible.”

Maybe some proven entrepreneurs will approach WestMill Capital and pursue something in Bloomingdale or North Capitol Street... ?

Here is the link to this WBJ article "Miller brothers create $10M pool for retail, restaurants" .

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