Thursday, March 31, 2011

seeking referrals for a landscaper for low-maintenance planting, and someone to replace a rear door

See this message from a Bloomingdale resident:
Hey folks, wondering if anyone has a recommendation for two services. First, a landscaper who can do some planting (low maintenance planting) in the front of a row house in Bloomingdale. It's a small piece of land. Mostly looking for low care items that are pretty and stable for our year round climate. Second, looking to have a rear door replaced. This will also probably include some work with brick/concrete and finish work with wood.


Shaw Rez said...

Old City Green. I had them do some planting and pruning last year and was very impressed with the results.

SCR said...

Hi--I run a small property management company in the neighborhood, and this is one of the services I provide. I'd be happy to consult with you.

--Sarah Rispin