Monday, May 02, 2011

request to address neighborhood graffiti/tagging immediately

See this message from a W Street NW resident:

Everyone: Remove Or Cover Spray Paint Tags Immediately,

Tagging has increased dramatically in Bloomingdale in recent weeks. From my window alone near 1st and W, I've seen Flagler Market, Electric box, and just last night my neighbor's house.

PLEASE help paint over tags the minute you see them to show this kid it isn't worth his time in our neighborhood, because his tag disappears immediately.

I've spray painted the electric box and the neighboring house using primer for wood and metal. Someone from the neighborhood spoke to new Flagler Market owner who cleaned up his wall.

The city has service for removing tags, but do not take care of them as quickly as they should to discourage culprits.

To report graffiti, call 311 and give the operator location & description of the graffiti.

You can also call 311 to request a graffiti removal kit be delivered to your house.

If we all pitch in, the tagging should stop fairly soon---and I like the idea of this kid not getting gratification.



Unknown said...

I personally enjoy the tagging. It gives the neighborhood personality.

Patrick said...

So why not tag the kid and give him personality?

AP said...

The Howard dorm at 2nd & Elm has an offensive tag that has been on the front of the building for weeks. You would think a major university would be on the ball about fixing these types of things immediately. It reflects so poorly on the school and the neighborhood.

Joe said...

The Flagler Market was tagged again last night after the new owners painted over the previous tags.

I agree with our neighbor on W St. that the community needs to address this issue. We can not wait for the city, or we will have graffiti all over our streets.

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

The new property & business owners of the Flagler Market is addressing the fresh tagging pronto. He has pledged to aggressively address tagging on the store building.

Anonymous said...

Guys - enough about Flagler - have you seen what they've done to the Cleaners on Seaton and 1st??
This means war, dude.

I WILL beat the shit out of these kids.

Unknown said...

Hello Bloomingdale community! I happen to be the new owner of Flagler market and as my first post i would like to thank Mr. Roberts and everyone for their continuing effort in cleaning the neighborhood. It's a shame they retagged the building but as previously stated I plan to address tagging and paint over the graffiti. Once again thank you!

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

I see that the Washington City Paper CityDesk Neighborhood News Roundup today mentions the graffiti issue in Bloomingdale:

taxpayer said...

Welcome Gong Ju - Thank you for helping and we look forward to seeing the market fixed up.

To 54a364d2-75ec-11e0-9a3c-000bcdcb8a73 above--I'm with ya. Is there any trap we can set up with the police or on our own in the community to catch this guy and take out our frustration on him:) I would volunteer time to see this kid go down.

Anonymous said...

Let's seriously figure something out!

Anyone -except the tagger - feel free to e-mail me and let's get the neighborhood focused on something OTHER than Sunday Parking issues!


Andrew W said...

you can also report them to or by calling 311. Especially for ones on public property.

taxpayer said...

Another tag on W yesterday--but someone painted over it, probably within an hour of it appearing. We suspect the tag was put there by someone reading these posts.

Patrick said...

Why is it called tagging? That sounds like either a benign act or "tag," you're it. Why not refer to it as something more appropriate, insulting and shameful to the perpetrator? (Not sure what that would be...)

Joe said...

Gong Ju - Welcome to the neighborhood. We really appreciate your aggressive efforts in painting over the graffiti. Thank you.