Monday, July 16, 2012

Any advice on dealing with insurance companies after the storm?

A neighbor writes that she has had some difficulties working with her insurance company following damage from last week's storms and would be interested to hear the experience of others. Here are her comments:

"Unfortunately it is really hard to say "where" the water came from. We have a drain outside our basement door and it wasn't draining (it was more than a foot deep as I was wading in it) so it was coming in thru our basement door. We do have a sewer back up rider but it says the back up must be non-flood related. I was just curious if others had the same issue and got their insurer to cover it."

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  1. I have had the same problem and also have the back-up rider on my Travelers homeowners coverage. However, I've been told that when heavy rains are involved, it then becomes a "flooding" situation and is not covered. I was also told that FEMA offers flood insurance but it does not cover a "finished" basement. It only covers the furnace, water heater, lawn mower or other things that would be in an unfinished basement.