Monday, July 09, 2012

DCist reports that Trader Joe's is coming to 14th & U NW

From DCist:

Trader Joe`s to Open at 14th and U Streets in2013

Today`s scuttlebutt comes from the grocery aisle, with the Prince of Petworth publishing a rumor from one of his readers who overheard employees of the Trader Joe`s store in Foggy Bottom whispering that the trendy market is expanding to the intersection of 14th and U streets NW.

``Well it won`t be `official official until they issue a press release,`` Dan Silverman wrote.

Well, one does not even need to wait for a press release. A customer-service representative at Trader Joe`s corporate headquarters in Monrovia, Calif. confirmed to DCist that a new location is in the works for the bustling U Street corridor.

``That location is on our list of places`` targeted for expansion, the representative said, though cautioning that it will be at least another year before Mid-City residents start filling their reusable canvas grocery bags with boutique frozen dinners and Three Buck Chuck.

The tricky thing about Trader Joe`s is getting the company on the phone. It does not list a number on its website, and is famously press-averse. In 2010, Fortune called the niche grocery chain ``obsessively secretive.``

But we were able to track down a working phone number for corporate headquarters in Monrovia and, after identifying the call as a media inquiry, were transferred to the customer-service line and asked the same question about the forthcoming store.

Trader Joe`s will likely go in at the JBG project known as Louis, which is consuming the southwest corner of the intersection. Last December, the City Paper`s Lydia DePillis was so sure of it, she even wagered a month`s shopping at Walmart if she was wrong. But it appears she was correct.

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