Friday, July 06, 2012

request to use less power: unit blocks of V (northside) and W (southside) NW

See this message from a resident on the unit block of V Street NW, northside:

Could you please post this to the neighborhood blog in addition to the plea to use less power on the unit block of V and W that was posted this morning?
Here is a list of some of the biggest “Power Hogs”in your house: When you multiply this by the 78 residences (not including the separate basement apartments) this adds up really quickly
If everyone uses a microwave at the same time that is 156,000 watts even worse a clothes dryer that is 588,900 watts- the transformer is bound to blow again!
Start Up Wattage Used
Laundry Room
Clothes Dryer - Electric
In this heat hang your clothes out to dry, they will actually dry faster!
Washing Machine
Power Tools
Tell your contractors to bring a generator from now on. If they blow the transformer they can’t work and we all lose power. This goes for all unessential power tools until the situation is resolved.
Disc Grinder (Someone was actually doing this on V St NW both times the power went out)
Air Compressor, Average
Chest Freezer
Please let your fridge and freezer reach normal temperature before adding essential food back into them, and them leave them closed for a couple of hours to cool the food. Leave the soda, beer and anything else unessential out of the fridge for now they take a long time to cool and they are better on ice anyway and you can use all the coolers that you have been storing food in.
Refrigerator, Average
Dish Washer - Hot Dry
It’s time to hand wash and dry, even better support the new local restaurants and pubs (no dishwashing required) or use paper plates until this situation is resolved.
Electric Range 8-in. element
If you have a gas range, please use it over the microwave. Even better, it’s time to grill out PLEASE, that is what summer is for!
Microwave Oven
Toaster 4-slice
Toast is over rated
Hair Dryer
800 – 1,700
Everyone likes to look good, but no one will get to see you if all the lights are out!
Flat Iron or Curling Iron
Air Conditioner
Those homes without central air, you have to add the wattage of all of the window units in your house together. Please try only cooling the essential rooms or one room at a time. 4 large window units can equal as much power as 4 whole houses!
10,000 BTU
20,000 BTU
24,000 BTU
32,000 BTU
40,000 BTU

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