Thursday, July 19, 2012

info on FieldtoCity's local produce service

FieldtoCity has been selling seasonal, local produce for several years now, and it is possibly the most specialized thing we do. We have refined our service quite recently, so for those of you looking for a CSA-type deal, please read on:
We take a an upfront fee of just $68, and this gets you four allotments of produce for you to collect as and when it suits you. Soon as a visit from our local farmer happens, we email you with the latest info. You can choose to collect it, or just wait till the next time. There is no expiration on the service, so it can transfer from one season to the next.
This week we have cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, eggplant, cucumbers and cantaloupe or potatoes in the box. They were all grown on a 20-acre farm in Westmoreland County, VA Coming soon from the Eastern Shore are viva italia roma tomatoes. All this produce is also for sale to the public.
Kim Wee
M-F 4:30PM till 8:30PM
Sat/Sun 10AM-7PM

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