Friday, July 06, 2012

"CM McDuffie: Bloomingdale residents need your assistance"

From: ``McDuffie, Kenyan (Council)`` DCCOUNCIL.US>
Date: July 6, 2012 6:48:33 AM EDT
To: V St NW Neighbor, ``Griffin, Corey (Council)`` , ``Mobley, Levonnia (Council)``< JMobley @>
Subject: Re: Bloomingdale Residents Need Your Assistance

Dear Resident,

Thank you for bringing this important matter to my attention.

Pepco`s slow initial response in certain Ward 5 neighborhoods and the repeated outages that followed their initial response is unacceptable.

We will communicate with Pepco regarding your concerns, and Jeanette Mobley of my office will contact you to follow up.

Kenyan R. McDuffie
Councilmember, Ward 5
(202) 724-8028

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From: V St NW Neighbor
To: McDuffie, Kenyan (Council); Griffin, Corey (Council); Mobley, Levonnia (Council)
Sent: Fri Jul 06 00:06:11 2012
Subject: Bloomingdale Residents Need Your Assistance

Dear Councilmember McDuffie,

Congratulations on your recent election. As a ten year resident of Ward 5 (Bloomingdale, ANC 5C03) and a fellow attorney, I am encouraged by the platform on which you ran your campaign, and hopeful that you will have the opportunity and commitment required to make Ward 5 a better place for everyone -- in particular our children who need new, safe, integrated, performing schools.

On behalf of my husband and myself, I am writing you about Pepco`s treatment of Bloomingdale residents during the recent storms. We live on the unit block of V Street NW (northside) and lost power in the midst of the storm on the

evening of Friday June 29. On the morning of July 3 (almost four days later), a Pepco crew finally showed up to examine the transformer located in the alley shared by the unit blocks of W and V Streets, at which time we were informed (by Pepco`s employee) of the following:

1) the power went out because of a blown fuse (i.e., a five minute fix);

2) the single transformer located in our alley is carrying an extraordinarily heavy load;

3) in most other neighborhoods (think west of 16th Street), there are two transformers (``A`` and ``B``) such that if and when one is inoperable, the second serves as an immediate back-up;

4) despite the fact that our power lines are underground, we will continue to lose power in similar weather conditions until the requisite additional equipment is installed to support the homes (and ever increasing population) located on the unit block of W and V Street, NW. Note that we lost power last year, the year before that, and intermittently in prior years, for a day or two due to the same exact issue.
The power was restored on the morning of July 3, only to go out again that evening around 6 p.m. The power remained out until this morning (July 5), when it was restored until around 7 p.m., at which point it went out yet again. Although I am not currently at home, I understand from my neighbors that the power was restored around 9 p.m. this evening.
My husband, two year old daughter, and dog have shuffled back and forth from hotels to friends` homes in a desperate attempt to stay safe during these incredibly high temperatures. We are fortunate to have options, as many of our immediate neighbors (including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the sick) do not and were forced to suffer in the dark.
Based on the facts currently known to us, it appears that Pepco is well aware of the fact that our alley requires additional and/or replacement equipment, but has avoided making the required repairs for several years now, yet they continue to seek repeated rate increases.
On behalf of ourselves and our neighbors, we believe our situation warrants an investigation, and we would like your assistance in making that happen.
I would be happy to discuss this matter further at your convenience.
I look forward to your response.

Best regards,

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