Wednesday, July 11, 2012

woman abusing dog

See this message from Marlene:

Can you add to the bloomingdale blog about a woman I saw this morning abusing her dog. The poor thing was afraid of her and I want neighbors to be on the Lookout for a petit black woman with red dreadlocks and a black dog. If they see her they need to report her to the Humane Society

With this update:

I first saw her on the 1700 block of second street. Then she came around to Rhode Island and went down the 1800 block of 2nd street. So my guess is she lives on 2nd or maybe T Street.


Unknown said...

So did you report her to the Humane Society? And did you confront the woman and make her stop the abuse? If you saw her several times in several different places I hope you did more than just blog here about it.

Alexandra said...

Can you tell us what she was doing to the poor dog? Will absolutely be on the lookout.

Roger said...

I had a similar incident at 3rd and Florida and confronted the teenager. The mother came out and scolded me for repermanding her son. I told her if I saw the dog in danger again, I'd report her to the cops and Humane Society.

The first incident was in May, second incident was early June- and then I reported them. Cops did nothing, Humane Society did nothing.

The teenager still "walks" the dog without a leash and puts it into a wagon, hurling it down the street with the dog in it. The dog is so scared of the teenage boy that it runs into the street away from him.

I really don't know what else I can do :( poor dog.

Address of the dog owner: 1710 3rd st NW. Bottom Unit.

Kristian Perry said...
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Kristian Perry said...

That's really upsetting. I wonder if we have to make a nuisance of ourselves so the issue is taken seriously? I don't know. If I happen to see either of these people offending, I'll start being a nuisance myself.

But seriously, if someone has a better way to get this sort of thing taken seriously and enforced, I'd love to hear it, too.