Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eckington Historic District designation timeline questions

See this post from the Eckington list at Google Groups.

Eckington, like Bloomingdale, is mulling neighborhood Historic District designation.

Historic Designation Timeline?

Carly Page
Feb 23 10:34PM -0500

Hi all,

I just realized that I cannot make the next ECA meeting due to a trip I had scheduled a while ago. I would like to stay engaged and also I'm curious where we are in discussions of the historic district. Is there an agenda for the upcoming meeting? Did the ECA Board decide what speakers would attend? What was the result of the survey on speakers?

Also, if I can't attend this next meeting with speakers, is there going to be an opportunity to learn the speakers and maybe submit some questions for them ahead of time? If so, could answers be included in the minutes?

Finally, what is the plan for the third meeting? Is that meeting going to be a forum for the balance of speakers we don't hear from at the second, upcoming, meeting? What does the timeline look like going forward? I'm just trying to figure out what I should expect and when I have to definitely be available in person to attend meetings, vote, etc.

I thought there was supposed to be a flyer or an email or something with the timeline, etc. but I must have lost it.

Thanks for any info!


Here is a response from Walt Cain posted at the Eckington list at Google Groups:
Walt Cain <>: Feb 25 04:40PM -0500

Hi Carly,

Thanks so much for your message.

The second town hall on historic designation will be held at 7 PM on Wednesday, March 16 at the Summit at St Martin’s. We are still finalizing the list of panelists, but so far we will have a representative from the Historic Preservation Office who reviews and approves permit applications for residents in historic districts and who will also talk about the Historic Homeowner Grant program, a homeowner who lives in the Anacostia Historic District, an update from the historian researching Eckington’s history for the designation application, and hopefully a representative from the city to talk about zoning in historic districts and specific issues of zoning in a potential Eckington Historic District.

The minutes of the town hall will be posted on the ECA website the week following the meeting. If you won’t be able to attend, but have questions you would like answered, then feel free to email them to and we will ask them at the town hall and include the response in the minutes. The third town hall will be on May 9 at 7 PM at The Summit. We will use feedback from the second town hall to populate the panel for the third meeting.

ECA went door-to-door distributing flyers prior to the first town hall and plans to do so again before the second and third. In addition we will post signs throughout the neighborhood as well. The results of the online survey taken after the first town hall can be found here: .

Once the town halls have been completed ECA will hold a vote on whether to move forward with submitting our application for consideration to the city.

Hope this helps and please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or suggestions!


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