Wednesday, June 16, 2010

13 S St NE: application to DYRS for a group home

This message was posted at the Eckington list:

I stumbled upon an application to Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) for a group home at 13 S St NE. The proposed home is just feet from the Emery House homeless shelter on Lincoln Road NE and only a few blocks from the new St Martin's Apartments housing project. Haven`t us Eckington residents done enough to house the city`s social services?

The woman at DYRS, Linda Harllee Harper, was extremely responsive and helpful. She replied back confirming an application had been submitted for 13 S St NE and said they encourage vendors to speak with the community & take neighbors concerns into account. I`m trying to learn what the youths of this proposed home have done to require rehabilitation (drug use? violent crimes?) and how many it would house.

I attempted to contact our ANC representative, Sylvia Pinkney, last week without any luck.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,



concerned resident said...

It is very important that we prevent this from happening. Whats the best way to go about doing that?

Anonymous said...

I'd say with the teenagers we already have running all over and assualting people, the last thing we need in the neighborhood is more troubled teens. I've always been ambivalent about these things, but now it's a firm 'No.'

Coffee Talk said...

Eckington: The dumping ground for the city's social ills? or The Next Logan Circle?


JohnDC said...

Contact the depart of youth rehabilitation services:

Our WARD 5 council member:

And your ANC point person whoever that is. Mine is

KT said...

I emailed Harry Thomas and got the following response:

According to the latest information we have there are a total of 338 community based residential facilities in the city. Of those, 65 (about 20%) are located in Ward 5, as follows:
Dept of Disability Services – 23 homes
Dept of Mental Health – 26 homes
CFSA – 12 homes
DYRS – 4 homes

In addition, there are another 121 DDS homes that support between one and three residents (technically smaller than a group home) and most are matter of right my position has been that the city should have equitable distribution of facilities so no one neighborhood should been adversely impacted.


Not clear to me if he is indeed against it, but people should keep emailing him

johnDC said...

It's also an election year so Fenty and perhaps Vincent Gray could be a good ally. If you have questions or concerns people should email Linda of DYRS (

She's responsive, informed and will be making the ultimate decision.