Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NCMS Clean Team Sentinels trash collection report for May 2010

See this message from Jonathan Taylor, Executive Director, North Capitol Main Street, Inc.:

Dear Area Residents:

As many may be already aware, North Capitol Main Street (NCMS) has diligently been working over the past 8 months to improve the physical appearance and image of our commercial business district through an aea clean streets initiative.

On an ongoing basis every Tuesday thru Sturday, The Clean Team Sentinels, with manpower furnished by Ready Willing & Working (RWW), have been collecting debris and trash articles throughout the North Capitol and First Street NW corridors from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Additionally, the clean team is involved in other activities such as setting up tree boxes, light poll baskets and graffiti removal from commercial property sorefronts.

As a part of keeping the community apprised of the progress of the clean street initiative on a monthly basis, NCMS will report out to the cmmunity at large on the progress of the program by sending a monthly Operation Clean Sweep Trash Collection Report as well as other information relevant to the program. Also, we ecourage feedback from the community regarding any concerns relevant to the pogram itself.

It is the mission of NCMS to promote economic development and business retention activities within the geater North Capitol area which include the neighborhoods of Eckington, Bloomingdale and the Truxton Crcle area of Shaw.

Here are the stats for the Month of May:

· The NCMS team collected 1,528 bags – 22. 92 tons of rubbish collected.

· The team completed a weed and mulch project in the park located at North Capitol & Florida Ave. NW.

· The team of Landscapers installed 12 additional self watering planters in designated areas within NCMS Main Street boundary

· The RWW night watering crew has been watering with Miracle Grow on a daily basis.

For additional information please contact us at (202) 905-6039 or visit our website at .

Jonathan Taylor, Executive Director


  1. Kudos!

    Now, if each of us walking home each day would stop and collect a few pieces of trash outside of our own doors, we would be in business. That would leave more time for these folks to perform some of the projects (self watering planters, weed and mulch, etc) that will draw new businesses in.

  2. Does anyone know the actual blocks of 1st street that are covered? I hear a lot about the 1st street corridor, but never see activity beyond rhode island. Maybe this is the primary focus for now. I would love to see this expanded, and I would even support it, if needed.

    I want to say how beautiful the light pole planters and plants look. These are really beautful and require a lot of upkeep so they won't get ugly and die. GREAT WORK to this team. The area around 1st and Rhode Island is certainly looking beautiful now. Thank you to all involved.

  3. Please post some info. about what people in the community can do to help support your work. I'd be happy to help keep the neighborhood looking great, do you need funds for plant donations?

  4. anon,
    i think ncms covers first from florida to thomas. but i'm not 100% on that. anyone?

  5. This is an amazing service and I am extremely grateful for NCMS's hard work. Please pass along a HUGE thanks to the workers contributing their time and energy. It is a pleasure to see them on our streets helping to improve our community.