Tuesday, June 15, 2010

neighbor assaulted at 2nd & R I Ave NW last night by teens

See this 6/14/2010 message from a Bloomingdale resident:

I just wanted to let you know so you can inform the neighbors about the group of kids (probably 15-16 years old) and two of them who attacked me today on the corner of RI Ave and 2nd Street NW at 6:30PM.

I was walking down the RI Ave NW from 1st toward 2nd Street when I passed one group of teenagers (African-Americans, 6-7 of them). I was waiting for the pedestrian’s light to cross the Second street when two boys from the group approached to me behind my back (what I couldn`t hear as I had my iPod on) and punched me in the face. I was able to protect myself (kick one of them) while I was calling the police. It seemed they didn`t want to stop until they realized I am calling 911. They ran away toward 1st and T Street (where the Bloomingdale liquor store is). Police were there in less than 2 mins, but there wasn`t anything much they could do. They wrote a report. The boys who attacked me are around 5ft8in tall, with very short hair.

I keep reading in the Bloomingdale newsletter, and I actually saw few times similar posts about group of kids chasing people on the street. It seems it is the same group. Just want to let neighbors know so they can be cautious.


Anonymous said...

I am VERY sorry to hear about your incident and I Hope that you are okay. OMG, that is such a horrible thing to experience. This gang of kids needs to be stopped. And I don't want to hear all the old timers from the neighborhood bring in the racial card and say they are just being kids and they have a right to hang out on the streets. They do NOT have a right to terrorize the neighborhood and attack people on the street. This must be stopped. Where are those cameras that Salatti promised at key corners in the hood? We need them now.

Anonymous said...

Damn, this makes me mad to hear. Stop this madness now! We need police patrols and cameras at many of these "popular" corners where these kids are hanging out. We need bright street lights to shine light on these kids and issues. We need facilities to house these kids so they are off the streets. We need neighborhod representation who will get these things done. Who is the ANC rep for this area? I would ask them for their list of things they are doing to stop this violence.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this. My best wishes to you. I have a couple of tips.

1)These incidences clearly occur with much higher frequency to people who are walking down the street with their ipods/earphones on/in their ears. This is a known fact, walking from the metro, through neighborhoods, etc. You are not able to hear the attack, they know this, you are an instanst easy target. Do not walk around with your ipod on, especially through a group of kids.

2) When you see a group of kids ahead of you (assuming you are not lost in music), then cross the street, take a detour, turn around, go an extra block out of your way. Do something. Be aware of the risks, take your earphones off, pre-dial 911, etc, but don't just think that everything is going to be fine. Assume a danger and act accordingly.

3) pre-dial or speed dial 911 into your phone. USE IT. Do not hesitate. Even if you suspect something is about to happen (assuming you can hear around you since you took out your earbuds), dial 911. Put it on speaker phone, do something very obvious that you have the police on the line, on the way. snap a photo maybe. Call a friend as you walk through the crowd...or just pretend to be talking to someone.

4) Don't make yourself a target. let others around you know that you are aware...you have seen them...you can hear them...you are not alone (have someone/police on the phone with you).

I hope this helps. It all seems obvious, but when I read about your ipod, my heart instantly sank. This seems to be a very common sentence in 99% of the attacks that I read about in this area. Again, I hope you are okay and not seriously injured. Kudos for acting quickly and fending them off. You are brave and strong. God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

Obviously people need to take safety precautions, but it is ridiculous that these kids are operating with impunity. People in Bloomingdale - families, friends and neighbors - know who these jerks are. They should turn this filth in to the police.

Then the entire community needs to show up at sentencing to get them off our streets.

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for the lawsuit that happens when one of them attacks the wrong person who happens to have military/martial arts/etc training and defends themselves to the tune of hospitalizing the minors. Crazy world we are living in.

Please let's get those cameras up.

DC said...

At 6:30pm, it's fairly light out, as well: these were not a bunch of kids beating on someone at night in an unlit area. That was a pretty brazen attack.

I am pretty sure that a fair number of people know who these kids are, and they should be fairly recognizable.

But I suppose we can expect more of these sorts of hoodlums and violence that inevitably accompany the blight that comes with the opening of dry cleaning establishments and issuance of tavern liquor licenses for corner cafes.

dcpublius said...

I generally find the neighborhood quiet and easy going. But Bloomingdale is not Gtown and you shouldn't treat it as such. You need to be vigilant and very self aware. I cringe when I see one of the new neighborhood girls walking their small dog at 11pm.

BTW, this is why I don't want bars and alcohol to come here. These sorts of stories will become commonplace.

JohnDC said...

I've lived in the neighborhood for a couple years now. The first few months I lived her I did take out my ipod when I walked through.

But honestly at this point I keep it in but if I'm approaching a group of kids I do pause it and I'm quite aware of their presence.

Minors in our neighorhood seem to think they can do what they want with impunity. I recall reading a study where the vast majority of DC's violent crimes were commited by minors.

EL said...

Be aware of your surroundings. It's not that hard. You have to realize that when a situation like this occurs, you are partially responsible. You already know the neighborhood is not completely safe, don't treat it as safe. Be smart. Keep at least one earbud out so you have the ability to listen to your surroundings also. Keep the ipod or whatever in a pocket so it's not obvious what it is. Look over your shoulder. Know who else is on the block with you. Have a plan in your head of what you would do to protect yourself.

For people not wanting bars...ever think that will put more money and decent people into our neighborhoods? We're not talking about hole in the wall speakeasies. They are going to be respectable businesses with decent customers. Businesses like that could push some of the crime out with the added attention to the neighborhood.

Unknown said...

Last I checked, there were lots of bars and nightlife in Georgetown. It's not the establishments, it's the patrons. Folks can get taken advantage of anywhere at any time. Like other posters have noted, until the neighborhood decides to take some responsibility and turn in the delinquents, we can be sure to see more of this all summer long.

Devoe said...

Dcpublius - I sympathize with your concern, but couldn't disagree more with your premise or your conclusion.

W/ regard to alcohol, we already have it being drunk out of black bags in public space all over. This is not the same thing as a bar. In fact from a public safety perspective it is the polar opposite.

These stories are already commonplace, bringing people outside to bars and restaurants can only help to reduce this sort of idiotic opportunistic behavior. Do you think these kids would be so brazen attacking an individual on a street that was also occupied by people going to/from bars and restaurants at 6:30 pm?

EL said...

The people drinking alcohol out of bags are not the same people who will be going to the bars. The thought that people drinking alcohol out of bags will have any impact on the bars opening is completely ridiculous.

And no I don't think those kids would attack someone like that at 6:30pm while they were walking to a neighborhood bar because we would have many more decent people out and about in the neighborhood to deter them from doing so.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. I am the attacked neighbor. Now I know not to have my iPod on while walking in the neighborhood. I never thought this could happen, tho, as I passed so many times beside group of kids. Plus, it was a day time. It seems that next time I will have to carry a pepper spray and use it. But that is all so sad when things like this could be prevented. Why would we fear all the time when some actions could be done i.e. surveillance cameras, etc. What is going to stop these kids. This time it was just a physical attack (and I protected myself by fighting back), but the next time there could be weapons. What then? Those kids are from the neighborhood and eventually I will recognize at least one of them and call back the police. I just don't understand why the neighbors are not more proactive in solving these issues. I guess they are waiting to be assaulted to in order to do something. I have been living in the Bloomingdale neighborhood for 2.5 years. I really like it here and the neighbors are very nice, too. I don't want to move away just because some violent kids.

Devoe said...

"EL" - you know we're on the same page right? It goes without saying that more eyes on the streets will reduce random acts like this. I remember a WaPo article about 4 years ago discussing how the development in Logan Circle had radically reduced these sorts of incidents by bringing more people out.

Also I'm assuming the post by "DC" is sarcastic.

DC said...

Also I'm assuming the post by "DC" is sarcastic.

Yes, that last paragraph was written firmly tongue-in-cheek.

Debra Morgan said...

Dear Attacked Neighbor,

Looking back at the assault, do you believe that race had anything to do with it? (It seems many people are assuming that you are white.)

EL said...

Thanks for explaining, hard to read sarcasm over the internet especially when already fired up. ;)

I'm very much looking forward to a bar where I can meet and chat up my neighbors over a pint.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra. I can't really answer your question. People are being assaulted in DC regardless their race. In my case, I am white, but I have to say that I didn't hear any racial remarks from those kids. That is why I think that neighbors have to be cautious, all of them and of any race, as I believe that those type of kids will attack anyone (regardless of race) if they have the opportunity.

Ms. Tehan said...

I was talking to two friendly neighborhood police officers the other night who told me my mace (although it's actually pepper spray) is illegal... is it just mace or pepper spray too? Anyone know? Anyway, they said unfortunately sprays like that won't help much anyway if someone wants to hurt you. Makes me feel very helpless but I thought I'd pass the info along.

Also, to dcpublius... these teenagers won't be frequenting bars as long as people are checking IDs! So I don't see why having a bar or two or three in the neighborhood would affect cases like this.

Anonymous said...

I found this online:
Self-Defense Sprays are legal in the District of Columbia.
Resolution 9-411, dated 12-15-92, "Legalization of Self-Defense Sprays Emergency Amendment
Declaration Resolution of 1992 states:

It is lawful for persons eighteen (18) years of age or older to possess and use a self-defense spray wthin the District of Columbia.

The use of the spray is restricted to two (2) situations:

1. The exercise of reasonable force in the defense of the person, or

2. The exercise of reasonable force in defense of the person's property.

The self-defense spray needs to be an aerosol spray, clearly labeled with written instructions. The aerosol spray must be a lacrimator of one of the following types:

Chloroacetophenone, Alphacloracetophenone, Phenylchloromethylketone, Orthochlorobenazalmalononitrile, or Oleoresin Capsicum.

It is unlawful to possess any self-defense spray (such as mace) other than those indicated above.

Also, resolution says this:

7-2502.14. Registration of self-defense sprays [Formerly 6-2324].

(a) A person 18 years of age or older must register the self-defense spray at the time of purchase by completing a standard registration form.

(b) The vendor must forward the registration form to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Debra Morgan said...

A young gay man was beaten to death fewer than two years ago in DC. That was certainly a hate crime.


Anonymous said...

Make eye contact. I hate to say it, but I generally just walk around the neighborhood with a very serious 'I will fuck you up if you fuck with me' look on my face whenever I see the punks out.

If they want to get in my face despite this, than they are just asking for it. I'm that martial arts expert 5th anon from the top talked about. Since school left out there's been numerous break-in's, trespasses and muggings. All by some low-life, useless and cowardly groups of teenagers. Enough is enough - and now they want to add yet ANOTHER DYRS group home on S NW - because we all have seen how great those work.

Anonymous said...

These children mirror the ignorance and violence of their parents and other weak role models. Little ones shuffle through broken glass and litter down streets thick with pot smoke. Men ranging from teens into their 50s loiter on street corners drinking and shouting at all hours of the day and night. That old schoolyard still is not a park for kids. It's still an ugly incomplete construction site. I'm surprised anyone is surprised.

Anonymous said...

This is why I don't want grocery stores, restaurants, parks, boutiques or any other businesses that might draw people out at night or during the day. More adults on the street will just give the predatory teens more targets. In fact, we should shut down all the markets and coffee shops to combat this scourge.

Anonymous said...

And bloomingdale should be SO proud as we just allowed yet another corner liquor store to re-open, selling cheap wine, single beer, and crap,outdated junk food. Cookies Corner? Please, I walked in there. It looked to me like just another Flagler Market with nasty sub sandwiches and frozen pizzas heated in the microwave and toaster oven behind the nasty plexiglass. You have go to be kidding me. This is progress? Intead of an real tavern with real food and controlled alcohol consumed on premises, we have another Flagler Market, only 2 blocks away from Flagler Market, too, that sells more black bags with uncontrolled, cheap booze for the kids on the streets to get high and drunk and harrass the neighborhood.

Salatti or somoene needs to put a stop to this. Where are the cameras, Salatti? What do they cost? Where is the fundraising to get them? Please help us, help ourselves. Show leadership, please.

EL said...

I laugh at the fact that *you people* think cameras are the solution. Cameras rarely, if ever, hold up as any sort of evidence in court. They also really don't make it any easier to identify a perp.

Agree with the statement on eye contact. I'm nowhere near a ninja but I find that walking through the neighborhood saying "hi" to just about anyone I pass, no matter what they look like, provides more respect and a safer feeling.

Sean Hennessey said...

i'm very sorry this attack happened to you. and thanks for sharing what happened.

Anonymous said...

The cameras are certainly a deterrent on corners where perps know that they are being watched. They actually can hold up in court when used properly, tapes reviewed timely, and images are clear. This takes some effort.

But also, the fact that they are there...and signs are posted that you are being watched...this can serve as a deterrent.

I am willing to try anything to help end the violence. Doing NOTHING certainly does not help!

Salatti has talked about this for 3 years at least, but nothing has happened yet. I would think this to be a great campaign item for the candidates... or is there only 1 candidate? How do we find out?

DC said...

You can't just complain that corner markets aren't up to your personal standards, you have to offer actual solutions. I'm not against a ban on single-bottle sales like they have on H St NE or Ward 2. But, seriously, complaining about the fact that the shopping bags are black? Find something else to get more upset about.

That said, there is definitely a lack of foot traffic down Rhode Island Ave, which just encourages these problems. A group of violent kids can effectively declare "ownership" of the streets and leave no witnesses besides the victims in such an environment.

Anonymous said...

This is why we need the right to carry concealed guns, then these kids would be dead.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter where you are in the city, you have to aware.

I am so tired of the lame G'town is awesome compared to here comments. A few years ago a couple was attacked leaving one dead (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/07/09/AR2006070900215_pf.html)

It happens EVERYWHERE!

We need people to tell the police. So many complaints of "old-timers" doing nothing is partially right but c'mon people, watch out for what is going on.

I feel for the guy who was attacked and glad he fought back. We should all be that brave when it could have easily been six-on-one.

If you see something, say something. That's it!

jombe said...

"It happens EVERYWHERE!"

does anyone really believe that?

Anonymous said...

My thought are with the person who was attacked. There is nothing worse than being afraid to walk around in your own neighborhood. The solution is more police presense on the streets. We need more foot patrols - not cops sitting in their cars or driving through the neighborhoods. I'm so sick of seeing cops giving out traffic tickets and parking tickets. Do you job, walk the streets and help prevent crime. Help make our city safer.

Anonymous said...

To: It happens EVERYWHERE!
It may happen everywhere once in a while but it happens in too often in Bloomingdale/LeDroit.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have lived in the neighborhood for about a year now. Back in December my husband suffered a similar attack on the corner of 4th and V NE, where two minors came up on him from the back, punched him in the face and then proceeded to beat him up until some neighbors heard the commotion and called the cops. Everyone please be vigilant; these kids think they can do whatever they want whenever they want.

Anonymous said...

I would like to propose giving guns and badges and brooms to the loiterers. They are on every other stoop and corner.

Anonymous said...

I may know who did this, at least may know who might know something about this incident - there's a group of 3 or 4 older teens that tend to sell water at the corner of R.I. and First NW. I was eating a sandwich at Windows one random mid afternoon and these kids yelled "honkey" at me when I walked out to sit on Windows' patio. I know they continued to say derogatory things and laughing about it. I ignored it because their ignorance doesnt really bother me. However, their mob mentality when it came to me, could easily translate to violence some other time. At best, they're out there all the time, and they may know the thugs who were the perps in the incident mentioned in this post.

bcm32 said...

not everywhere at all. that's a stupid comment. does everywhere have brand new shops open up with bulletproof windows?
no. not even close.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious.

I mean, I've never had any sort of issues with the neighborhood boys. The kids know me. If they know you, they don't mess with you. ..that is, unless you're a gentrifying douche. Hell, I grew up with these folks brothers.

You don't care when black people get beat up, but as soon as a gentry gets beat up, ya'll up in arms. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I mean, aren't you a honkey? We don't want you here. You didn't give a fuck about our neighborhood in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and now all of the sudden, when you can push us out, you do? Fuck you.

Thanks for supporting black-owned businesses like Windows though. I mean that sincerely. It's vital we keep these businesses open with the support. So at least, there was something redeeming about your post.

Your Neighbor said...

Anonymous II-

whats with the hostility?
The guy's not trying to push anybody out.
He just wants to walk down the street to support a neighborhood business without being cursed.

If you're still pissed at him for something that happened before he was born....maybe you're the reason we can't all just be good neighbors now.....

please comment...

Anonymous said...

if this guy's mind is so small that he needs to blame his ills on "honky", be a man and shrug it off.
his hate may be all he has going for him.

Anonymous said...

To the anti-gentry, if you're so up in arms about new people in the neighborhood, talk to your neighbors who have been here since the 70s, 80s, 90s, and tell them to stop selling their properties at ridiculously high prices that only the "gentry" can afford. You can't gentrify a neighborhood without help from the people who already live there.

And FYI, a lot of us "honkies" that you seem to want out of the neighborhood either didn't live in DC when the area was so bad, or weren't even close to old enough to be buying property here.

Your neighbor said...

oh and FYI "Honkey" guy:

you say "you" and "us" and "honkey" and "gentry" and "thanks for supporting a black-owned business" ......

you're the only one here still thinking in black or white! grow up!

We all come here to better neighbors to each other....period.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm the original "honkey" anonymous.

I guess I am a honkey. Fair enough, but racism is racism and its unacceptable. So is violence. So I dont care if my black, asian, white, or hispanic neighbors like me. They just need to treat me with the same respect I treat them with.

Regarding gentrifying, I dont care what your perspective is. I bought a house I could afford and that I like. If that offends you, thats too bad - but real estate steering ended years ago. So if you want to have an attitude that "there goes the neighborhood" because you see a couple whities/honkies walking down the street, feel free to move. Just when you sell your house for 3x you paid for it, please dont go gentrify some other neighborhood.

I dont really understand your animosity or your cavalier attitude toward racism and race based violence. Condoning it makes you a really bad person, but I guess thats ok because you think you're such a hardass street thug.

However, I have my suspicions you're an undersized sophomore who moved here from the middle of the country and attends Howard, or something.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right though.

It really is the gentrifiers who deserve shit like this.

Anonymous said...

I am not a gentrifier - and I don't normally post on blogs - but I wanted to say that nobody ever "deserves" this. I hope that our neighborhood is not as simple-minded as some make it sound.

Anonymous said...