Friday, July 23, 2010

CM Barry introduces disapproval resolution for the proposed contract for Gage-Eckington Park in LeDroit Park

See this Email thread posted at the LeDroit Park list this morning.

This top Emai is from Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham:

This is an outrage, and a totally needless delay in a very worthwhile project. We need this project to go forward, because of the recreational and park benefits it will bring to the entire community, and most definitely including all of the kids at Kelly Miller.

I will speak to him, though I suspect it will be to no avail. Perhaps also Chairman Gray (copied herein) can approach him?

I think LeDroit Park should descend on him en masse. What do you think?

Let me know. Bests Jim

From: Heimsath, Benton (Council) [mailto: bheimsath@DCCOUNCIL.US ]
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 4:37 PM
To: Jim Graham
Cc: Hernandez, Steven (COUNCIL)
Subject: Gage-Eckington Park Disapproval Filed


This email is to inform you that yesterday CM Barry introduced a disapproval resolution for the proposed contract for Gage-Eckington Park in LeDroit Park. The resolution extends the review period to 45 days.

Benton Heimsath
Committee on Public Works and Transportation
Councilmember Jim Graham, Chair Council of the District of Columbia
(202) 724-8628
CM Graham:
Committee: www.dccouncil. us/publicworksan dtransportation

Note that Robert Brannum, Bloomingdale resident and President, Bloomingdale Civic Association, obtained a copy of the resolution and distributed it. (The PDF is not posted here.)


James Doakes said...

The battle lines of race and class have been drawn in Ward 5.

Its no coincidence that the UNCF is moving to Shaw. Its part of "The Counter-Plan".

Anonymous said...

everyday people don't care about your "battle"
it's only extremists and profiteers that care.

Anonymous said...

"it's only extremists and profiteers that care."

Extremists and profiteers comprise a substantial portion of the human population in DC. Look around.

Unknown said...

I think that this stunt is really just a shame and frankly I don't care about race or battle lines. This is 2010 and if we all can't find a way to get along and cooperate toward a greater good then I am ashamed to be a resident of the city where one wayward council member can wield enough power to block a program that benefits all and disparages against none. It's a sad day in LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale. I can't help but feel distraught and upset and frustrated. It's like a stranger broke into my house and took something of value for no reason. CM victimized us today and you should be ashamed. - Mike Fine

Anonymous said...

Amend that to read: "...where one wayward ex-convict, crack smoking, tax evading criminal of a council member whom the city residents adore can wield enough power..."

Anonymous said...

He's a true loser...too bad he is still able to hold office. Can't he retire already....what an idiot.

Anonymous said...

All those children living near that bleak space. There was hope for them in that park. This will result in more damagd, drug-dealing, violent youth in our community. Shame, shame, shame. Who represents the children? A pox on all of you.

JustMe said...

Oh, please. Everyone knows that Marion Barry is just standing up for the neighborhood. The opening of Gage/Eckington park will mean that lots people from VA and MD are going to come in to the park and end up taking up all the available street parking from the residents.

Anonymous said...

This park will be such a great asset to our neighborhood. I found the email addresses for Marion Barry and his staff. Please join me in trying to save our park!,,,,,,,,,,,

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

Washington City Paper Housing Complex reporter Lydia DePillis posted this brief message at the LeDroit Park list:

Hi all--

Not that this helps much, but I did manage to get Barry on the phone this evening...



Randolph Rez said...

If this Barry horseshit is still going on in August, I'm all in favor of mounting a protest at his council office or even his house. We can bring our kids and any reporters we might know. Anybody with me?