Friday, April 11, 2008

art spaces and developers in brooklyn

one can easily say that brooklyn, is a much hotter real estate market and a more dynamic area than DC. Sure Brooklyn is way bigger than DC and part of one of the larges economic city-states in the world, so that type of market is expected.

Whats not expected is that artists can find studios at $6.82 per square foot a year.
$6.82!!!! thats amazing. i had moved my studio out to Mount Rainier, Maryland for the allure of 10.00.

Last i checked that ground floor store front at 3rd and Rhode Island was going for 30-ish.
The difference is staggering.

So why did i bring up brooklyn and this rent? read here to see why these artists are getting that deal
Imagine a developer in DC savvy enough to pull that off. Imagine people with means that truly embrave the Arts as Catalyst model.

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