Sunday, April 13, 2008

Timor Bodega

You've been to Timor Bodega, right?

timor bodega

SAT: 9:30AM-8PM
SUN: 9:30AM-6PM


  1. I like Timor. I go there on occassion. Maybe once a month. They really do have high quality foods and expected prices. The walking convenience is a huge plus.

    The down-side is always the variety. I usually need many different types of produce that they dont stock:

    In that respect, they never will really replace a full produce market for me.

    If anything, go there with intentions of getting great microbrews and excellent coffee.

  2. I paid over three dollars for a single portion size bag of fancy schmancy vegetable flavored potato chips!!! unbeleevable!!! never again!!!but they were tasty...