Saturday, April 19, 2008

old engine company 12 to become 2020 Martini

The city last month finalized the sale of Old Engine Co. 12 at 1626 N. Capitol St. to Brian Brown, managing partner of NC Firehouse LLC, which is led by his company, NextGen Development. Brown purchased the building for $600,000, the value at which the city assessed it, and plans to put another $2.4 million into renovations.

The three-story, 10,000-square-foot space will become home of 2020 Martini at Engine Co. 12, a restaurant concept by Twyla Garrett of Cleveland-based Garrett Entertainment Corp.


full article here

Washington Business Journal - by Gillian Gaynair Staff Reporter

other highlights include:

-XM radio is in on the deal and will be doing live broadcastings from the location
-Twyla Garrett of Cleveland-based Garrett Entertainment Corp will be the developer
-the will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner
-first floor will serve brick-oven pizzas.
-a small pasta bar and a sushi bar.
-2nd floor will have live music performances
-third floor will have an espresso bar
-a rooftop deck will offer tapas.
-Harry Thomas introduced a bill seeking 10 years of property tax relief for NC Firehouse LLC

here is the website for 2020 Martini in Columbus, Ohio, owned by Twyla Garrett
warning: music starts playing when the page loads.

apparently work has already started on the building.......

here was my first post about the firehouse

the obligatory negativity about the project can be found here.


John W DC said...

This is really great news. I can't wait until it opens up early next year.

Anonymous said...

This is exciting!

Sean Hennessey said...

john w dc.

I keep missing the part where it says a year from now. i hope its that quick.

John W DC said...

It's from the Bloomingdale listserv a few months ago.

"Recall that I mentioned that Twyla Garrett of IME, whose office is
located at 1334 North Capitol Street NW, would be operating the EC-12
restaurant in the Old Engine Co. No. 12 firehouse. At the Summit,
Mark Somebody (sorry, I didn't get his last name), who is with IME,
commented that EC-12, a white linen-tablecloth restaurant, would be
opening in May 2009. "

Sean Hennessey said...

ah. thanks john!

Anonymous said...

I doubt this project will be successful unless the focus on less and do that extremely well. If the plan was implemented today, it would fail. The neighborhood doesn't need a serve all/do all facility. It just needs a good restaurant/bar that knows how to serve a burger with a pint of beer.

Unknown said...

What Garrett has done for Cleveland, my hometown. Good stuff:

John W DC said...
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John W DC said...

Let's try this again. Here is the link
clevland blog