Thursday, April 10, 2008


am i the only one thats not that excited about Target in Columbia Heights?

i've hit the one in Potomac Yards, the one in College Park, the one in Hyattsville. i dont avoid target, but i'm also happy to go the few blocks to national wholesale liquidators. i'm just a bit non plussed by Target. i've got plenty of plastic stuff as it is.

thats not to say i'm not happy that DC is on the radar of stores, i just figure theres lots of stuff nearby, and i'd much prefer different things than more of the same, but slighty closer. hopefully it'll keep buckets of tax money in the district and that money will fix the schools, and add to transit infrastructure. and get more police coverage.

and maybe a city funded arts center.

anyway, i'm not meaning to be down on target, i'm sure i'll go there eventually, but i'm just a bit tired of reading about how people dont have to go to the "suburbs" to buy affordable t-shirts. there are places, they just don't have Michael Graves toasters.


  1. I have still made trips to the 'burbs to go to Target, I'll admit. Although I've been there plenty of times, I seem to hate NWL off Rhode Island Ave more each time. There is something unbearable about that place, and their prices aren't always as cheap as I think they should be, if you comparison shop.

  2. mightyme,

    i definitely can see why one could hate NWL. for what i've bought there, the prices are terrific.

    the key kiosk is super fast and cheap.

  3. I live two blocks away from NWL and I've only been there once. Needless to say, I will never go back. I love the Target in CH. I can go shopping for socks, t-shirts, DVDs, games, and whatever. I wish the city would have allowed the Wal-Mart to be built in Brentwood. It would have given some real competition to that nasty NWL. They should just bulldoze RI shopping center and build a mixed use project that incorporates a new Safeway with a better mix of retail and some MARKET rate condos/apartments. That whole place just sucks!

  4. Yes, the key kiosk is fast and cheap! I probably will always have a use for NWL, but once I enter that place I feel like getting out quickly. Plus, customer service can be lacking, but that is typical everywhere, namely in DC.
    I didn't realize that a Walmart was ever considered for the city. That whole NWL/Safeway strip mall needs to be revamped. That brown and red motif just screams dirtiness to me. That huge space can be used so much better; they might even fill the parking lots.