Tuesday, April 22, 2008

whats going on?

these are projects that i've heard about but don't really know the current state of. anyone have any info on:

-joe mamos lot at north cap and florida

- the potential store in the building on the ne corner of first and r

- the car stereo place that was going to go in on the se corner of north cap and r

-hellers bakery that was to go in at first and t

-"the perfect glass" ( or anything?) at first and seaton

- ground floor at 3rd and florida?

- the former pizza place at north cap and florida


  1. i was wondering the same thing about many of these projects.

    people know, but this is DC, and timing is everything. i'm sure info will be out soon...

  2. I actually emailed Heller's, since I hadn't heard of their plan to open a location in the 'hood. They said they're still trying, and are working on permits and plans now, but it might take a while. That would be a fantastic addition!

  3. The oweners of The Red Derby (14th Street pub in Petworth) were looking to open a bar in the space at 1st and Seaton. However, the owners of that space apparently do not have a lot of cash to offer a perspective tenant for their fitout. I did speak with that property's broker, and it sounds like the owners would be willing to discount the first few years of rent to make up for this.

  4. damn! i live at 1st and seaton, and the landlord hasn't said anything about this! of course, he did say that they are about to commence construction on something, but he's been saying that for 18 months now, so i'll believe it when i see it. fingers crossed!

  5. i've also heard some other bar is moving in there. so who knows?

  6. certainly not my landlord, or else i think we would have heard something... :)

  7. It would be great if they were still interested - the last that I had heard was they were content with their one location in Petworth... although that could change. The good news is that I was able to learn through conversations with a few brokers that there has been decent interest in the space. It's only a matter of time. The space has real potential... tall ceilings, exposed brick throughout, opportunity for outdoor seating. Obviously, the biggest roadblock is finding a business willing to put in a good chunk of change to tenant improvements without owning the building. Oh - there also could be an issue with obtaining a liquor license, although I don't foresee that holding up an interested business.

  8. Wow. I live on Seaton, and I love the Red Derby! How ironic because . . . I'm moving 4 blocks from the red derby this summer. Again . . . wow. And would be awesome.

    Bloomingdale needs a great neighborhood bar to go with the great Big Bear and the fabulous Windows.