Monday, April 14, 2008

shooting on north capitol @ r street

anyone know what happened?

a commenter provided the link to the nbc news report
other stories here:

abc news
bloomingdale (for now) has two photos


  1. Someone approached a van and shot the driver six times or at least fired six shots.

  2. On my walk home I overheard one man talking to another. "Shit how we going to get to the liquor store."

  3. I was on the 80 bus that tried to go up North Capitol. At NY Ave he diverted to NY, then First NE, then Florida to 2nd NW, then RI Ave eastbound and got on North Capitol again. It was a 25 minute zigzag and everyone was cursing the fools that did this. A woman from NYC said it was worse than NYC but that doesn't sound right.

  4. Why the hell does say it was a building fire/police investigation?

  5. there is nothing on the local tv news stations websites about this incident. only the usual news about UPPER NORTHWEST. I guess "lower" Northwest doesn't count for news even though that fire on 16th street that blocked traffic got TV news coverage.

  6. People need news about the Papal visit. SO MUCH ANTICIPATION!!