Monday, August 13, 2012

August 2012 MidCityDC includes Bloomingdale articles

Have you perhaps picked up the current (August 2012) issue of MidCityDC? 

There are a few articles about Bloomingdale:

On the Insatiable page - page 21 -- there is a brief mention of Red Hen coming to Bloomingdale at 1st & Rhode Island Avenue NW, northwest corner.

On page 23, Jazzy Wright has a full page story on Bloomingdale resident Tom Noll's bicycle art in front of City Cleaners. 

On pae 32 on the Bloomingdale Bites pages, there are three stories, also by Jazzy Wright: 1) John Salatti loses his key to the McMillan Sand Filtration site, 2) Jeremiah Wright speaks at Florida Avenue Baptist Church in LeDroit Park, 3) Bloomingdale flooded by summer rain.

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