Monday, August 27, 2012

World Missions' Dr. JoAnn Perkins: "Power to the children/youth as we they prepare to go back to school tomorrow. Day one of our 40 day declaration of safe schools and no drama. is the theme, let's all Ward 5 say this every day and say it to our children, after we hug them each day."

Hello everyone and thanks to all of the sponsors and neighbors who donated school supplies and supported our efforts. In total, we gave away 150 vouchers which will help parents purchase uniforms for their kids and over 500 back packs were given away to kids in the Ward 5/ DC community which included kids in foster care children in the community, siblings of youth incarcerated and the DC community. We pause to say a special thanks to all who came and supported our efforts. Thank you DC, for we could not have done it with out you. And thanks to the farmer's market for the watermellon and fruit and the healthy tips, and Commissioner Hugh Youngblood thanks for your support at the rally as well.
Again we say thanks to the Ward 5 Commissioners/sponsors/Friends and Asst. Chief Groomes for hanging out with us, for as seen here expressed on her face, we all had lots of fune, and without words we see that its about the children and crime, and other negativity has no power when we stand together proclaiming block by block, house by house, that we are a community that stands together in our efforts to support the children as we show them that we care, and are supporting them. Go DC, smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And as we now prepare for the next rally which will be our November 17th Thanksgiving rally, we have a lot to be thankful for, and as we all came together this past Sat, the emporession on the face of Asst. Chief Groomes, the kids and their parents tells the story about the strength that we have, when we work together.
Now as said at the rally, Monday begins our declared 40 days of peace on behalf of schools opening tomorrow, and as you see a child walking to school, speak to them and keep hope alive that our efforts of supporting the children is truly the wind beneath the knees of us all in the community. Tips, 1.parents make sure that you support your children's school, 2. Make sure that your children go to bed at a reasonable time, eat a good breakfast, and complete assignments on time. Other tips will be coming, Smile.
Dr. J.

Dr. Perkins has asked to have the complete list of sponsors supplied.  Here is the list:

WARD 5 ANC 5C/World Missions EXTENSION Center

Ward 5 Democrats/All Nations Baptist Church

The DHS Chaplains Office-- Just FRIENDS Prison Ministry

And here are some pics!



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